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Compensatory Pension in Spain | WELEX

07, 01, 2021|Litigation in Spain|

From Welex, law firm in Marbella, our lawyers specialized in family law in Spain will clarify all your questions related to the compensatory pension in Spain. When it comes to discussing a divorce process, there is a tendency to confuse alimony with compensatory pension in Spain, although they are different. The first relates to children [...]

Divorce in Spain with minor children. Single-Parent Custody and Visitation Regime | WELEX

09, 12, 2020|Litigation in Spain|

When a couple with younger children decides to start a divorce in Spain, the coexistence of a life in common is broken. In addition, there is a great dilemma about how to deal with this new life without harming children who need to be protected as much as possible.   Each family is different and [...]

Persons who can make and receive payment of obligations in Spain | WELEX

10, 11, 2020|Litigation in Spain|

In a previous entry on the website of this criminal defense law firm in Marbella we have dealt with payment as a cause of extinction of obligations, in this post we will focus on persons who can make and receive payment of obligations in Spain. As already mentioned, the regulatory framework is defined in Section [...]

Termination of employment contracts in Spain

30, 10, 2020|Spanish Accountancy|

Below, our law firm in Marbella will introduce you to the keys to the termination of employment contracts in Spain. The first one takes place when the termination occurs due to causes beyond the control of both contracting parties Termination of the employment contract in Spain for reasons beyond our control It should be borne [...]

Accountancy in Spain: New addition to Welex’s accounting team | WELEX

03, 10, 2020|Spanish Accountancy|

From Welex, lawyers and accountants in Marbella, we are proud to announce the incorporation of a new professional within our accountancy department.   Beatriz López, manchega (specific region in Spain) by birth, but based for more than thirty years in Marbella, is a Business and Tourism Activities Technician graduated from the University of Granada. After [...]

Criminal liability in Spain of legal persons | WELEX

21, 09, 2020|Litigation in Spain|

Do you need a procedural lawyer in Spain? Are you acting as a de facto or de jure director of a company operating in Spanish territory or a Spanish company? Do you believe that you have suffered an injury to your property or rights as a result of a criminal act committed by a Spanish [...]


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