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Breaking news: New marketing director at Welex Ms. Noelia Reus

2020-07-08T10:59:54+01:0008, 07, 2020|Others|

From Welex, lawyers and accountants in Marbella,  we are pleased to announce the addition of a new member to our team.   Noelia Reus, graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Malaga and specialized in Strategic Management and Communication Innovation, is now part of our law firm in Marbella, in charge of the management [...]

Tips about property conveyancing in Spain

2020-05-21T12:22:00+01:0025, 05, 2020|Property in Spain|

The first step in property conveyancing in Spain is finding a Property. It is imperative to get to know the area before you choose a property. You should visit a number of different locations in order to make an educated decision. Additional research into similar properties in various areas will give you different perspectives of [...]

Conveyancing fees in Spain: principal areas to consider

2020-05-19T12:16:04+01:0022, 05, 2020|Property in Spain|

Conveyancing in Spain is considered as a transfer of the legal title of a property in Spain from one person to another. A typical conveyancing transaction in Spain includes two vital indicators: the transfer of contracts and the completion, whereby the legal title passes. The system of conveyancing in Spain is constructed to safeguard that [...]

The jurisdiction of judges and courts in Spain in the criminal field IV

2020-06-25T19:25:57+01:0021, 05, 2020|Litigation in Spain, Uncategorized|

The place of the commission of the crime as a basic principle for the attribution of jurisdiction in Spain. Criminal lawyers in Marbella will inform you. By Welex, your criminal defence lawyers in Marbella and multilingual barristers inSpain Of all the investigating courts in Spain, how do you determine which one is competent to investigate [...]

7 Tips for conveyancing in Spain

2020-05-20T13:20:44+01:0020, 05, 2020|Property in Spain|

By property law firm in Marbella Welex! We provide conveyancing services in Spain! A typical conveyancing transaction includes two vital landmarks: the exchange of contracts and the completion, whereby the legal Title Deed passes.  In addition, the system of conveyancing is generally constructed to ensure that the buyer secures title to the land together with [...]

What to check when conveyancing in Spain

2020-05-18T11:27:40+01:0018, 05, 2020|Property in Spain|

Conveyancing in Spain holds some differences when compared to conveyancing all over the world. These differences include that the drawing up of the initial deed and the witnessing of the signatures can only be accomplished by a public notary. A notary represents the government by fortifying that state taxes are paid on the completion of [...]

Conveyancing Process in Spain: 5 Stages

2020-06-04T17:41:32+01:0014, 05, 2020|Featured, Property in Spain|

Conveyancing services in Spain involves legally transferring home ownership from the seller to the buyer. The conveyancing process in Spain begins when your offer on a house is accepted and  finishes when you receive the keys. Moreover, the conveyancing process inSpain comprises of all the legal stages and processes when buying property in Spain. Stage [...]

The First Occupancy License to the Personal Statement of Compliance

2020-05-04T11:30:39+01:0004, 05, 2020|Property in Spain|

  By Welex, your multilingual conveyancing law firm in Spain. Spanish Decree-Law 2/2020 of March 9, on the improvement and simplification of regulations for the promotion of productive activity in Andalusia, has introduced a series of measures for Andalusia that aim to reduce administrative procedures in certain economic and productive sectors, in order to speed [...]

Special tax on lottery prizes in Spain

2020-04-28T08:59:55+01:0027, 04, 2020|Tax in Spain|

Are you interested about knowing how the taxation of Christmas lottery prizes works in Spain? Welex, your tax advisor in Marbella is pleased to write a few lines on this subject. The well-known "Lotería de Navidad” (Christmas lottery), one of the most popular lotteries held in Spain, is actually called "El sorteo extraordinario de Navidad” [...]

Electronic certificate in Spain: All you need to know

2020-05-07T10:41:11+01:0022, 04, 2020|Tax in Spain, Uncategorized|

The digital electronic certificate in Spain confirms our identity on the Internet both as a natural person and a legal entity. Your data will be protected every time your digital signature is used and when you make an online transaction. Do not hesitate to contact our firm of lawyers and accountants in Marbella to obtain [...]


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