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Non Resident’s Income Tax in Spain

03, 06, 2023|Property in Spain, Tax in Spain|

As a firm of lawyers and accountants specializing in Spain, we are here to provide you with clear and accurate information about non-resident income tax in Spain. In this article, we will explore the requirements to ensure that you comply with your tax obligations in Spain. Our aim is to provide you with reliable guidance [...]

Lawyer in Marbella informing on the Extinction of usufruct in Spain

10, 11, 2022|Property in Spain|

  To learn a bit more on the extinction of a usufruct in Spain, your multilingual lawyer in Marbella of WeLex would first like to define the so-called ‘usufructo’. Extinction of usufruct in Spain. Definition of usufruct in Spain. Usufruct is defined in the Spanish Civil Code by means of Article 467. The [...]

The closure of the accountancy books of a company in Spain | WELEX

19, 01, 2021|Spanish Accountancy|

By WeLex, your efficient accountant in Marbella. After the start of a new year, it is normal to wipe the sheets clean, but in accounting, this is not possible. Although the accounting year ends – as a general rule, on December 31 – in Spain it is not until July, with the filing of the [...]

Tips about property conveyancing in Spain

15, 01, 2021|Property in Spain|

The first step in property conveyancing in Spain is finding a Property. It is imperative to get to know the area before you choose a property. You should visit a number of different locations in order to make an educated decision. Additional research into similar properties in various areas will give you different perspectives of [...]

How to know whether you are tax resident in Spain or not | WELEX

03, 12, 2020|Spanish Accountancy, Tax in Spain|

There are people that reside in different countries, or spend certain periods of time during the year in one or another country, and might not know that, when having to file the tax return, there is a specific income tax to be paid in accordance to whether you are resident or not. To know whether [...]