List of the best beaches of Benalmadena


We already told you in another post (link to “Holidays in Benalmadena”) it was only a matter of time that we would dedicate a post during one of our updates on this blog about the Costa del Sol, to the best beaches at Benalmadena. And here we are, with a top list. After reading it, you will feel this tremendous desire to take your car, an airplane or the train and travel as fast as possible to this wonderful municipality of Malaga.

Let’s begin? Put on your swimming suit, and let’s do some reading on beaches!

Beach of the Viborillas

The beach of the Viborillas of Benalmádena is located between two other beaches, about which we will talk later.

It is a medium large beach of about 400 meters long, usually attracts a nudist audience, due to the privacy that it offers you being in a natural environment.

As is usual in the area, in the immediate surroundings we will find a snack bar (chiringuito) to refresh, we can rent our hammocks to lie down and have showers to remove the gritty sand of our bodies.

Playa de las Yucas

This beach belongs to the municipality of Benalmádena and is situated on the way to Fuengirola. Its main attraction is this is a very natural area, not an urban area, but somewhat away from the hustle and bustle, which indicates that it is not too busy either.

It is ideal for water sports such as diving, and enjoying a relaxing swim in its crystal clear waters.

Arroyo Hondo Beach

Arroyo Hondo beach is also known as beautiful beach, can you imagine why? Because it’s just … beautiful!

With blue and crystalline waters, the deep stream flows directly into the sea, so you decide whether to take a dip in fresh or salt water. Its gravel and dark sand is typical for this beach. Surrounded by very dense vegetation, it is an ideal place to relax and recharge your batteries on holiday.

Torrevigia beach

We are now going to one of the most popular beaches of Benalmádena in summer. We are talking about Torrevigia, located very close to the Sunset Beach.

Surrounded by great restaurants, it is a rather a crowded beach, but its water is crystal clear and with a beautiful turquoise tone, which makes it one of the favourite beaches of all lovers of diving, looking for crustaceans or sea urchins in this part of the sea.

Beach of Santa Ana

The beach of Santa Ana leads you directly to the famous Puerto Marina, an urban beach surrounded by the main hotels of Benalmádena and summer apartments.

Very demanding amongst the tourists, since the beach has numerous chiringuitos or restaurants where to can enjoy some skewers with stunning views over the sea.

Its soft and dark sand and huge size, about 500 meters of width, are the most important features. It is marvellous to go for a walk at sunset on this beach of Malaga.

The Bil-Bil beach

Located at the foot of the castle that gives this beach its name, the Bil-Bil beach is one of Benalmádena’s tourist attractions.

As we told you before, it has a unique castle built in 1927 with Arabic design, outstanding reddish walls, arched windows and mosaics full of colours that you can see on the inside.

The beach itself stands out for the restaurants and chiringuitos, like for example, Maracas Beach, which is one of the most fashionable ones in the area.

The beach of Arroyo de la Miel

Let’s now go to a beach that has the distinction of Blue Flag, as it meets to a very large extent, rigorous requirements of cleanliness and services.

With a very good location, it is not difficult to reach this beach from the centre by taking a walk, the sand is very fine and the waters are immaculate. Right in the middle of this beach, you will see that a stream flows, not very deep, so it is often the playground for many children.

Beach “Source of health” (Fuente de la salud)

We finish our list of beaches of Benalmádena with the beach known as “Fuente de la Salud”. You probably this: what a curious name for a beach? Well, this is due to an ancient legend that claimed that its waters had healing properties.

Being close to the marina, you will see many people practice water sports in the area.

We hope this article dedicated to the best beaches of Benalmádena has been very useful.


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