Litigation in Spain

Default or failure to appear in Civil Proceedings in Spain | WELEX

06, 10, 2021|Litigation in Spain|

If you have been accused in Spain and have not attended the trial, you should be aware that you may be sentenced for not appearing against the plaintiff and not defending yourself against the claims made. This situation of failure to appear in civil proceedings in Spain is called procedural default. Welex, your litigation lawyers [...]

Common requirements for acquiring Spanish nationality | WELEX

29, 09, 2021|Litigation in Spain|

If you wish to acquire Spanish nationality but have doubts regarding the process to follow, do not miss our next article.   In Spain there are common requirements to be fulfilled for acquiring Spanish nationality with full legal validity, requirements without which such acquisition will not take place. Welex, lawyers and accountants in Marbella provide [...]

Alimony in Spain of minor children after a divorce | WELEX

18, 08, 2021|Litigation in Spain|

When a couple with children decides to separate or get a divorce in Spain, one of the most important aspects to consider is the well-being of minors, and thus the determination of Spanish alimony. Alimony in Spain Alimony in Spain can be defined as the payment that the non-custodial parent must enter each month to [...]

Eliminate and prevent conflicts in a divorce process with minor children in Spain | WELEX

23, 06, 2021|Litigation in Spain|

In a divorce or separation process in Spain there is no doubt that there are many contradictory feelings, and it is important to know how to eliminate and prevent conflicts when you have minor children. A more uxorio coexistence is broken, which is a coexistence of life, created to carry out a vital project in [...]

General Meeting of a Company in Spain in the event of refusal by the administrator to convene it | WELEX

26, 05, 2021|Litigation in Spain, Property in Spain, Tax in Spain|

It is not uncommon for the Administrator of a Spanish company to refuse to call a General Meeting, whether ordinary or extraordinary.   The issue is not without consequences, as the failure to convene the General Meeting of a company in Spain entails issues ranging from the impossibility of approving the annual accounts to the [...]

Holiday periods with minor children after a divorce in Spain | WELEX

20, 04, 2021|Litigation in Spain|

By Welex, family lawyers specialized in holiday periods with minor children after a divorce in Spain. If you wish to enjoy holidays periods with minor children after a divorce in Spain, you must plan in advance the vacation time that each of the parents will spend with them. Since, from the breakup, that time should [...]

Compensatory Pension in Spain | WELEX

07, 01, 2021|Litigation in Spain|

From Welex, law firm in Marbella, our lawyers specialized in family law in Spain will clarify all your questions related to the compensatory pension in Spain. When it comes to discussing a divorce process, there is a tendency to confuse alimony with compensatory pension in Spain, although they are different. The first relates to children [...]


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