Litigation in Spain

The ordinary judge predetermined by law in Spain

03, 02, 2020|Litigation in Spain|

The judge in Spain The Spanish Constitution configures the judicial power as an independent power, being the only power of the State to which the name of power is given. The ordinary judge predetermined by law in Spain The Spanish judicial system configures as one of the essential pillars of the Administration of [...]

Preliminary rulings in the criminal field in Spain

26, 01, 2020|Litigation in Spain|

  The Spanish law of criminal prosecution introduces preliminary rulings as a key issue regarding the complexity of criminal offenses in Spain criminal law firm in marbella Jurisdiction for the sole purpose of repression By Welex, your criminal lawyer in Marbella! The jurisdiction of the criminal courts in Spain is one of the [...]

The defender of a disappeared person in Spain

08, 01, 2020|Litigation in Spain, Property in Spain|

Do you have a family member who is missing in Spain who has assets or rights? Are there interests in Spain of a missing relative whose business cannot be disregarded without serious prejudice? Our law firm in Marbella can assist you in the appointment of a legal defender in Spain so that he meets the [...]

New eviction law in Spain without a title by law 5/2018 of June 11th

29, 08, 2018|Litigation in Spain, Property in Spain|

Do you have a ‘squatter’ in your home in Spain? Then take into account the reform in law 5/2018 in relation to the process of eviction for non-payment. This blog is written by Welex, litigation lawyers in Marbella, Málaga, Spain. The procedure of eviction for non-payment in Spain , which was already established in nineteenth-century [...]

Bankruptcy proceedings in Spain: What are they and what are they for?

11, 09, 2017|Litigation in Spain, Spanish Accountancy|

Our law firm in Marbella can answer all your questions about Spanish bankruptcy proceedings. First, it is important to note that Spanish law tries as much as possible to help individuals and companies that are going through complicated situations meet their payment obligations. If it is foreseen that the Spanish bankruptcy procedure will take a [...]


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