The Quality Process at Welex, lawyers and accountants in Marbella

01, 10, 2019|Others|

Customer needs: the key to success in quality service By Welex, your motivated lawyer in Marbella and efficient accountant in Spain. At times, quality of service is as important as it is difficult to carry out. This is due to the characteristics of the provision of the service, such as the difficulty of measuring and [...]

The electronic Hague Apostille in Belgian public documents

17, 09, 2019|Others, Property in Spain, Spanish Accountancy, Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

The electronic Hague Apostille Our law firm in Marbella helps clients of Belgian nationality resolve any legal issues they may have in Spain. Very often, we ask for Powers of Attorney to be able to carry out certain legal procedures in Spain. It is required that Powers of Attorney be granted to you [...]

Title Deeds in Spain: All you need to know

25, 02, 2019|Others, Property in Spain|

By Welex, your multilingual lawyer and accountant in Marbella under one roof!   Title deed Sometimes, foreign customers contact our law firm in Marbella, requesting a copy of the "contract of purchase" for their property or their Spanish will. It is sometimes unclear what they are really asking for because they cannot distinguish [...]

WELEX = We are the law

18, 12, 2018|Others, Property in Spain, Spanish Accountancy, Spanish Wills & Inheritance, Tax in Spain|

After having published more than 250 blogs in four different languages ​​on Welex’s website, we wanted to try something different. Instead of writing about a specific regulation regarding the tax return on the income of natural persons, the corporate tax or the non-resident income tax in Spain, the inheritance tax and a long etcetera, we [...]

Termination of the position of a director of a company in Spain

27, 08, 2018|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

The termination of the director of a company in Spain may occur due to the expiration of the director’s appointment, his or her resignation or separation, or the death of the director. Expiration When an appointment to director of a company in Spain is made for a specific timeframe, and the position expires after the [...]

Summary of the practical case of family law in Spain

18, 06, 2018|Others|

Family law in Spain The court ruling of The Supreme Court 120/2016. Summary of the practical case of family law in Spain. In this case, we are presented with a court ruling appealed claiming to the paternal and maternal grandparents (ascendants according to article 142 and 143 of the Spanish Civil Code), alimony and extraordinary [...]

Gross Domestic Product and Mortgages in Spain

28, 05, 2018|Others, Property in Spain|

At Welex, we believe that it is important to keep our clients informed about the Spanish economy, particularly the gross domestic product (GDP) and mortgage interest rates. This information was published by the National Institute of Statistics, an autonomous body of an administrative nature attached to the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. The GDP [...]


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