Request an NIE-Certificate in Spain with Welex leading law firm in Marbella

28, 08, 2017|Others, Property in Spain, Tax in Spain|

What advantages do you have in obtaining an NIE-Certificate with Welex.   If you want to avoid long queues and all the paperwork that is necessary to obtain your NIE certificate, then you are in good hands with Welex.   What documentation is needed to obtain your NIE certificate: A power of attorney executed before [...]

What is the daily register of the working days and why is it obligatory in Spain?

23, 08, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

Labour-related advice in Spain If you have employees in your Spanish company, their working days must be correctly recorded into the accounts. This is called the Daily Registry of the working days. The following information must be included in such a document: In addition to establishing all conditions and requirements set out in the labour [...]

Law firm in Marbella informing on the difference between a community trademark and an international registry

19, 08, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

Leading Law firm in Marbella wishes to explain the difference between a community trademark and an international registry. Doubts on both issues are sometimes considerable. We wish to try to shed some light on the issue. Let’s say that both the community trademark and an international registry allow you to distinguish your services and products from [...]

Questions and answers about the community of owners in Spain

26, 07, 2017|Others, Property in Spain|

Community of owners in Marbella Law firm in Marbella Below, we set out a series of the most frequent questions (and their answers) related to horizontal property matters. What kind of work can I carry out on my property in Spain? Although an owner has the right to carry out work on his [...]

Leading law firm in Marbella informing about the key points of registering your trademark in Spain

20, 07, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

Welex: your motivated law firm in Marbella! If you want to register your trademark in Spain, we will show you the key points to do so and the steps you need to take to register your trademark successfully. What is a trademark in Spain used for? A trademark in Spain is a representative symbol that [...]

Key points of the Entrepreneur with Limited Liability legal entity in Spain

11, 07, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

Accountant in Marbella As a result of the law commonly known as the “Law of Entrepreneurs, in 2013 the Spanish government created a series of measures in favour of self-employed entrepreneurs. Said measures were aimed at limiting the risk that self-employed professionals face when starting a business and having all of their assets subject to [...]

Everything you need to know about the energy performance certificate in Spain.

09, 07, 2017|Others, Property in Spain, Tax in Spain|

Do you wish to purchase, rent out, rent or sell property in Spain? Welex´s lawyers in Marbella, who are specialised in urban development law, are pleased to write this blog and inform you of everything you need to know about Spain’s energy performance certificate. In today’s post, we wish to clarify some issues regarding the [...]

Steps to follow to import a vehicle purchased in the European Union into Spain

21, 06, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

Non-residents may not drive a car with foreign licence plate in Spain. Do you wish to import your vehicle into Spain, do not hesitate to contact Welex. Our team of lawyers and tax advisors in Marbella will help you through all necessary procedures and formalities.   Requirements to import vehicles into Spain   Once the [...]

Steps in order to proof your status of non-resident in Spain

27, 02, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy, Tax in Spain|

Before starting this blog the accountants and tax advisors of our law firm in Marbella will explain you easily and comprehensively the correct way how to proof you are non-resident in Spain, we must ask you a question. Let’s set the example that you wish to change your country of residence right now, then we [...]


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