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Tips about property conveyancing in Spain

15, 01, 2021|Property in Spain|

The first step in property conveyancing in Spain is finding a Property. It is imperative to get to know the area before you choose a property. You should visit a number of different locations in order to make an educated decision. Additional research into similar properties in various areas will give you different perspectives of [...]

I want to buy a property in Spain, what should I do? | WELEX

27, 08, 2020|Property in Spain|

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1_Jr6BKyDo&feature=youtu.be     If you wish to purchase and sale real estate in Spain, from Welex, law firm in Spain, we recommend hiring the services of a professional conveyancing lawyer. According to Félix Ruiz, an expert conveyancing lawyer in the sale of real estate in Spain, sometimes it happens to find people who choose [...]

President of the Community of Owners in Spain: requirements and obligations | WELEX

19, 08, 2020|Property in Spain|

From Welex, your law firm in Marbella, we are aware that being elected President of the Community of Owners in Spain is often the source of a large number of conflicts. There is a possibility that there are communities in which all neighbors wish to hold the position of President of the Community of Owners [...]

Private purchase contract for properties under construction: Taxes | WELEX

27, 07, 2020|Property in Spain, Tax in Spain|

From Welex, your law firm in Marbella specialized in purchase and sale of properties in Spain, we set out below a practical assumption in which we collect the details that derive from the taxation of the transfer to a third party of a private purchase contract for properties under construction. At first, before starting the [...]

It is key to get the right lawyer to recover a debt in Spain

13, 07, 2020|Litigation in Spain, Property in Spain|

By Welex, your expert multilingual litigation law firm for claiming amounts in Spain The economic activity itself in Spain, from day to day, is not exempt from suffering setbacks, delays and in many cases the breach of the order or the contract that has been concluded between the parties to perform a service or provide [...]

Conveyancing fees in Spain: principal areas to consider

10, 06, 2020|Property in Spain|

Conveyancing in Spain is considered as a transfer of the legal title of a property in Spain from one person to another. A typical conveyancing transaction in Spain includes two vital indicators: the transfer of contracts and the completion, whereby the legal title passes. The system of conveyancing in Spain is constructed to safeguard that [...]


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