Property in Spain

Acquisition of a property by a Non-resident in Spain

16, 11, 2022|Property in Spain|

Our conveyancing lawyers in Marbella, specialised in buying and selling property in Spain, explain all the taxes involved and that can arise when buying a property in Spain. The taxes arising in the purchase of a property do not vary whether the property is acquired by an individual or by a company, resident or non-resident [...]

Taxes arising in the acquisition of a property in Andalucia

11, 11, 2022|Property in Spain|

TAXES ARISING IN THE ACQUISITION OF A PROPERTY IN ANDALUCIA  Our conveyancing lawyers and accountants in Spain, from Welex, law firm in Marbella, specify in detail the following taxes must be taken into account for both, buyer and seller, when buying or selling a property in Andalucía, Spain. TAXES FOR PURCHASING A PROPERTY IN ANDALUCIA [...]

Lawyer in Marbella informing on the Extinction of usufruct in Spain

10, 11, 2022|Property in Spain|

  To learn a bit more on the extinction of a usufruct in Spain, your multilingual lawyer in Marbella of WeLex would first like to define the so-called ‘usufructo’. Extinction of usufruct in Spain. Definition of usufruct in Spain. Usufruct is defined in the Spanish Civil Code by means of Article 467. The [...]

Acquisition of a property in Spain step by step

14, 10, 2022|Property in Spain|

Our professionals, lawyers and accountants in Marbella, with a wide experience in the different fields of the law in Spain, have the pleasure to explain the process and steps involved in the acquisition of a property in Spain.   PROCESS  The process for the acquisition of a property in Spain. Steps involved. Step 1. Once [...]

Transfer of property of non-residents in Spain

10, 08, 2022|Property in Spain|

In this blog of Welex lawyers Marbella, we are going to talk about transfer of property of non-residents in Spain and the Non-Resident Income Tax in Spain and what happens when, after the sale of a property, a non-resident obtains a capital gain. IRNR (Impuesto sobre la Renta de No Residentes) is a Spanish tax [...]

Capital gain in Spain: Deduction for major works in Spain

22, 06, 2022|Property in Spain|

Capital gain in Spain Today, from Welex lawyers Marbella, we pay special attention to the calculation of the capital gain in Spain that is generated at the time of the sale of a property. Specifically we refer to Article 35 of a law that in our law firm in Marbella we give significant importance. We [...]

Property Purchase in Spain: Mandatory documentation of properties under construction.

08, 06, 2022|Property in Spain|

Property Purchase in Spain: Mandatory documentation to be delivered by the developer in the case of sale and purchase of homes under construction.   If you have decided to buy an off-plan property on the Costa del Sol, you are facing an important decision, since the property has not yet been built and it is [...]

The responsible declaration for the first occupation of a building in Spain

25, 05, 2022|Property in Spain|

What is the subsequent action of the administration in Spain? The presentation of the responsible declaration for the occupation of a house in Spain is sufficient for its use from the moment that the interested party presents it to the administration, as long as it has complied with all the requirements established by the applicable [...]


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