Property in Spain

Types of contracts for the sale of a property in Spain

21, 08, 2023|Property in Spain|

At Welex, leading law firm in Marbella, we are pleased to explain a topic of great relevance in the field of home buying and selling of properties: the types of contracts for the sale of a property in Spain and the differences between contracts involving the delivery of confirmatory earnest money, penal earnest money and [...]

Ana Sánchez: Lawyer specializing in conveyancing services in Spain.

03, 08, 2023|Property in Spain|

In this blog, Welex, leading law and accountancy firm in La Costa del Sol, is going to introduce one of its professional lawyers specialized in the purchase and sale of properties in Spain. My name is Ana Sánchez, and I am a lawyer specializing in property sales and purchases with years of experience in the [...]

Fraud detection when buying and selling a property in Spain

22, 06, 2023|Property in Spain|

Welex, firm of lawyers and accountants in La Costa del Sol, writes in this article about fraud detection when buying and selling a property in Spain. How to detect and avoid possible fraud when buying and selling a property in Spain? The purchase and sale of a property in Spain is an important transaction, which [...]

Non Resident’s Income Tax in Spain

03, 06, 2023|Property in Spain, Tax in Spain|

As a firm of lawyers and accountants specializing in Spain, we are here to provide you with clear and accurate information about non-resident income tax in Spain. In this article, we will explore the requirements to ensure that you comply with your tax obligations in Spain. Our aim is to provide you with reliable guidance [...]

Civil responsibilities at time of buying a new property in Spain

02, 05, 2023|Litigation in Spain, Property in Spain|

Welex, lawyers and accountants in Marbella, has the pleasure to write a few lines on civil responsibilities at time of buying a new property in Spain. Did you buy a new building property in Spain? Do you wish to purchase a newly build property in Spain? The Spanish law states periods of guarantee and gives the [...]

Acquisition of a property by a Non-resident in Spain

16, 11, 2022|Property in Spain|

Our conveyancing lawyers in Marbella, specialised in buying and selling property in Spain, explain all the taxes involved and that can arise when buying a property in Spain. The taxes arising in the purchase of a property do not vary whether the property is acquired by an individual or by a company, resident or non-resident [...]

Taxes arising in the acquisition of a property in Andalucia

11, 11, 2022|Property in Spain|

TAXES ARISING IN THE ACQUISITION OF A PROPERTY IN ANDALUCIA  Our conveyancing lawyers and accountants in Spain, from Welex, law firm in Marbella, specify in detail the following taxes must be taken into account for both, buyer and seller, when buying or selling a property in Andalucía, Spain. TAXES FOR PURCHASING A PROPERTY IN ANDALUCIA [...]

Lawyer in Marbella informing on the Extinction of usufruct in Spain

10, 11, 2022|Property in Spain|

  To learn a bit more on the extinction of a usufruct in Spain, your multilingual lawyer in Marbella of WeLex would first like to define the so-called ‘usufructo’. Extinction of usufruct in Spain. Definition of usufruct in Spain. Usufruct is defined in the Spanish Civil Code by means of Article 467. The [...]