Property in Spain

Property Purchase in Spain: Mandatory documentation of properties under construction.

08, 06, 2022|Property in Spain|

Property Purchase in Spain: Mandatory documentation to be delivered by the developer in the case of sale and purchase of homes under construction.   If you have decided to buy an off-plan property on the Costa del Sol, you are facing an important decision, since the property has not yet been built and it is [...]

The responsible declaration for the first occupation of a building in Spain

25, 05, 2022|Property in Spain|

What is the subsequent action of the administration in Spain? The presentation of the responsible declaration for the occupation of a house in Spain is sufficient for its use from the moment that the interested party presents it to the administration, as long as it has complied with all the requirements established by the applicable [...]

Tourist rentals and their management by homeowners’ associations

05, 05, 2022|Property in Spain|

In recent years, there has been a considerable boom in tourist rentals in Spain. As an owner of a residential property in Andalusia, you can offer it as tourist accommodation for rent by marketing or promoting it through tourist channels, such as real estate agencies, mediation companies or digital booking management channels. However, there are [...]

Construction on plot in Spain. Contract with the builder | WELEX

21, 04, 2022|Property in Spain|

If you are the owner of a plot in Spain and you are going to contract the services of a builder to carry out the construction, you should take into account the following expenses, in addition to the fees for the construction on the plot:   The Municipal Building License, as well as any kind [...]

Reference value of a property in Spain. Practical case study | WELEX

08, 03, 2022|Property in Spain|

In our previous blogs, our lawyers specialized in property purchase and sale in Spain explained what is the Reference Value of a property in Spain and how to obtain the Reference Value from a theoretical point of view. In the following, from Welex lawyers in Marbella, we are pleased to illustrate step by step how [...]

What is the reference value of a property in Spain? | WELEX

02, 02, 2022|Property in Spain|

When it comes to purchasing a property in Spain, this transaction is subject to taxes, the amount of which is determined by a "value" of the property being transferred. This value must be adjusted to the most objective criteria possible for the payment of the corresponding taxes. Our lawyer specialized in property sales and purchases, [...]

Purchase Off-Plan property in Spain: Recover the amounts paid to the developer | WELEX

10, 11, 2021|Property in Spain|

In this second blog, our lawyers specialized in off-plan property purchases in Marbella will continue explaining how to recover the amounts paid in advance to the developer. Let's make a summary of our previous post: when you purchase a property under construction, it is usual that you pay the developer a certain amount of money [...]

Purchase of off-plan properties in Spain: Guarantees | WELEX

10, 11, 2021|Property in Spain|

In recent years, the real estate market has experienced several changes, such as the almost total disappearance of the huge turnkey housing developments. These have been replaced by a new type of purchase, which currently predominates in this market: the purchase of off-plan properties in Spain. Currently, practically all new-build homes are sold off-plan due [...]


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