Legal modification in the monetary contributions at the time of setting up a limited liability company

Entrepreneurs arrive to our offices in Marbella, Málaga heart of the Costa del Sol with the wish to set up a limited liability company in order to start a new activity in Spain. Welex, your multilingual lawyer and accountant under one roof! In some cases, we advise such clients that a limited liability company in…

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WELEX = We are the law

After having published more than 250 blogs in four different languages ​​on Welex’s website, we wanted to try something different. Instead of writing about a specific regulation regarding the tax return on the income of natural persons, the corporate tax or the non-resident income tax in Spain, the inheritance tax and a long etcetera, we…


Alternatives to organise company administration in Spain

The position of director (administrador) will carry out the government and management of the company in Spain. There are several ways to exercise company administration in Spain because you can choose between the appointment of a sole director; several directors who exercise their position jointly or jointly and severally; or entrust the administration to a…