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2020-07-20T08:08:03+01:0020, 07, 2020|Spanish Accountancy|

Do you need an economist, tax advisor or an accountant in Spain?   At Welex, your multilingual accountancy firm based in Marbella, we have been providing all these services for more than 25 years.   At our accountancy and tax office in Marbella, the heart of the Costa del Sol, our professional team of accountants [...]

Legal requirements of an Invoice in Spain

2020-04-16T18:18:23+01:0016, 04, 2020|Spanish Accountancy|

The invoice in Spain, all you need to know During our vast experience at our accountancy department we have had many queries from our clients about what obligations they have when issuing an invoice in Spain.  We would therefore like to clarify some of these queries from Welex. When do you need to issue an invoice [...]

Value Added Tax in Spain; Reverse charge

2020-04-07T13:03:19+01:0007, 04, 2020|Spanish Accountancy|

  Have you ever received or been asked for a Spanish bill with Reverse charge (Inversión de Sujeto Pasivo, ISP) and not known what to do with it? Have you received or have you ever been asked for a bill with Reverse charge (ISP) and you have not known what to do with it? At [...]

Property Company versus company with economic activity in Spain

2020-03-27T12:55:29+01:0027, 03, 2020|Spanish Accountancy|

Welex, your office of economists and Tax Advisors in Marbella is pleased to write a few lines about what is understood as a property company in Spain and those that are considered to carry out an economic activity. We also remind the tax rates and exemptions from corporation tax in Spain. When does a company [...]

Rent of a property in Spain for tourism purposes

2020-08-06T13:04:05+01:0024, 12, 2019|Property in Spain, Spanish Accountancy, Tax in Spain|

Practical case, by WeLex, your law firm in Marbella, has the pleasure of answering all your questions in the event you wish to rent a property for tourism purposes in Spain. A Spanish limited company owns a property that it will be rented for a period of more than two months to another Spanish limited [...]

The closure of the accountancy books of a company in Spain

2019-10-24T10:29:10+01:0023, 10, 2019|Spanish Accountancy|

By WeLex, your efficient accountant in Marbella. After the start of a new year, it is normal to wipe the sheets clean, but in accounting, this is not possible. Although the accounting year ends – as a general rule, on December 31 – in Spain it is not until July, with the filing of the [...]

The electronic Hague Apostille in Belgian public documents

2019-09-18T12:16:28+01:0017, 09, 2019|Others, Property in Spain, Spanish Accountancy, Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

The electronic Hague Apostille Our law firm in Marbella helps clients of Belgian nationality resolve any legal issues they may have in Spain. Very often, we ask for Powers of Attorney to be able to carry out certain legal procedures in Spain. It is required that Powers of Attorney be granted to you [...]

Practical case on VAT of a construction company in Spain

2019-10-29T13:48:33+01:0002, 09, 2019|Spanish Accountancy|

By WeLex, your English speaking accountant in Spain! Do the invoices of a constructor in Spain accrue VAT? And what if the client is a German company that has an intra-community VAT number? VAT - Value Added Tax WeLex, your multilingual law firm and team of accountants in Marbella, has the pleasure of [...]

Legal modification in the monetary contributions at the time of setting up a limited liability company

2019-06-18T16:29:14+01:0018, 06, 2019|Spanish Accountancy|

Entrepreneurs arrive to our offices in Marbella, Málaga heart of the Costa del Sol with the wish to set up a limited liability company in order to start a new activity in Spain. setting up a limited liability company Welex, your multilingual lawyer and accountant under one roof! In some cases, we advise such clients [...]

The sale of shares of a Spanish SL company

2019-03-12T09:26:50+01:0006, 03, 2019|Spanish Accountancy, Tax in Spain|

If you are a shareholder of a Spanish SL and wish to transfer your shares, such a transfer is subject to certain rules outlined in the Capital Companies Law of Spain (Ley de Sociedades de Capital). By Welex, efficient company lawyers in Marbella. The sale of shares of a Spanish SL company Firstly, [...]