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Spanish Accountancy Books and Annual Accounts in Spain

2018-02-16T08:53:25+01:0020, 12, 2017|Spanish Accountancy|

Welex Accountantsn Marbella are pleased to provide additional information on the well-known accountancy books and annual accounts in Spain:   Every company in Spain has a series of obligations of registration before the Spanish mercantile register: Accountancy books in Spain Spanish annual accounts.   The accounting books are presented before said registry within 4 months [...]

How to open a bank account in Spain as a non-resident

2017-12-22T08:18:09+01:0019, 11, 2017|Spanish Accountancy, Tax in Spain|

Welex, your leading law firm in Marbella, Málaga, Spain has answers and advice for you! If you are wondering if you can open an account in Spain when you are a foreigner, the answer is yes. Currently Spanish legislation and most banks in the financial system have the necessary resources and mechanisms for a non-resident [...]

Registering a magazine in Spain

2017-10-19T18:10:27+01:0016, 10, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

First, it is important to mention that there are two Registries: REGISTERING THE MAGAZINE AT A TERRITORIAL REGISTRY OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY    A) General information  The Intellectual Property Registry is an entity provided for in intellectual property law, which is unique throughout the country. The Registry is conceived as a system for the protection of [...]

Subsidies in Spain

2017-10-19T13:06:33+01:0011, 10, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

At Welex, we would like to keep you informed regarding the new subsidies in Spain. The regulatory basis for the granting of subsidies in Spain is a regime of non-competitive competition for companies to improve competitiveness and digital transformation (among others) about to be published.   Objective of these subsidies in Spain: To promote the [...]

Limited Liability Company in Spain

2017-10-10T07:50:03+01:0009, 10, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is one of the most common company forms in Spain; its capital is divided into shares, which are integrated by the contributions of all partners who are not personally responsible for social debts.   The main characteristics are: – The partners are not personally responsible for social debts, but only [...]

All you need to know at the time of the constitution of a limited company in Spain

2017-10-03T16:44:58+01:0002, 10, 2017|Spanish Accountancy|

A Spanish limited company is governed by the Capital Companies Law, Royal Decree 1/2010, 2nd July.   The minimum capital is €3,000, which is divided into shares to be assigned to the shareholders, according to their contribution, and who will not be personally responsible for the debts of the company.   To set up a [...]

Accounting books of a Spanish company

2017-09-28T10:04:01+01:0025, 09, 2017|Spanish Accountancy|

We are getting close to April 30th. On this date, the majority of the companies in Spain must comply with the requirement of presenting and legalising their accountancy books. Do you have a company in Spain? It is important to fulfil the registration and filing of the accounting books at the Companies House. What are [...]

Accountants in Marbella provide advice so your business can be a complete success in the Costa del Sol

2017-10-03T07:47:35+01:0014, 09, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

Welex: your efficient accountants in Marbella! The Costa del Sol, and, more specifically, Marbella, is the ideal place to start a business in the tourist sector. Throughout the year, tourists from different parts of Europe and all over the world visit the South of Spain in search of nice beaches, good food and all that [...]

Bankruptcy proceedings in Spain: What are they and what are they for?

2020-01-24T14:04:53+01:0011, 09, 2017|Litigation in Spain, Spanish Accountancy|

Our law firm in Marbella can answer all your questions about Spanish bankruptcy proceedings. First, it is important to note that Spanish law tries as much as possible to help individuals and companies that are going through complicated situations meet their payment obligations. If it is foreseen that the Spanish bankruptcy procedure will take a [...]

Liabilities in business transfers in Spain

2017-10-09T07:59:39+01:0004, 09, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

By Welex, leading law firm in Marbella. There are many reasons why a person or company may wish to purchase another company in Spain, whether to start a new business, or to expand, create his mark or to acquire clients or suppliers. Factors to be considered: The transfer of rights and obligations of a Spanish [...]


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