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Retentions and with-holding tax on Spanish invoices: what are they for and how do they apply to companies and self-employed professionals?

2017-10-23T08:23:29+01:0009, 02, 2015|Spanish Accountancy, Tax in Spain|

In many occasions, starting to issue invoices in Spain might cause some headaches to companies, businessmen and self-employed professionals. What are these retentions? The so known “Retenciones” (with-holding tax in Spain). How much must be deposited and where? Are these retentions progressive? These and many other doubts are the ones we are facing with daily. [...]

What you need to know about the Spanish Companies Tax 2015

2017-10-24T07:32:05+01:0009, 01, 2015|Spanish Accountancy, Tax in Spain|

One the annual tax returns have been filed regarding the year 2015, and the books of the companies have been registered in Spain, we must inform you about the last tax form related to the Companies Tax 2015. The three pillars in the Spanish tax system are as follows: Income Tax for Natural Persons Value [...]


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