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Alternatives to organise company administration in Spain

24, 09, 2018|Spanish Accountancy|

The position of director (administrador) will carry out the government and management of the company in Spain.   There are several ways to exercise company administration in Spain because you can choose between the appointment of a sole director; several directors who exercise their position jointly or jointly and severally; or entrust the administration to [...]

Termination of the position of a director of a company in Spain

27, 08, 2018|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

The termination of the director of a company in Spain may occur due to the expiration of the director’s appointment, his or her resignation or separation, or the death of the director. Expiration When an appointment to director of a company in Spain is made for a specific timeframe, and the position expires after the [...]

Billing requirements to justify deductible expenses in Spain

04, 06, 2018|Spanish Accountancy, Tax in Spain|

Our accountancy firm in Marbella has the pleasure to lay out for you the requirements of an invoice in Spain. Self-employed workers and companies can deduct certain amounts from their taxes to the Treasury, regarding the payment of VAT or the Income Tax and Corporate Tax. However, for these deductions to be accepted, the correct [...]

Royal decree 1074/2017 that modified the Income Tax, Corporation Tax and Inheritance and Donations Tax in Spain

02, 04, 2018|Spanish Accountancy, Tax in Spain|

Modifications in the Spanish Personal Income Tax in for 2018 Are you a tax resident in Spain? Then, you should take into account the following changes that were made by the Royal Decree 1074/2017, of December 29th, which modified the Regulations of the Personal Income Tax in Spain. We refer to the so known “Impuesto [...]

Classification of Mercantile Companies in Spain

19, 03, 2018|Spanish Accountancy|

Welex, your accountant in Marbella is pleased to provide you a classification of Mercantile Companies in Spain. Spanish mercantile companies can be classified according to the following criteria:   1. From a structural point of view A classification can be made between societies of persons and corporatists versus capitalist companies. In the first, the partnership [...]

When is a credit considered as impossible to recover or to charge in Spain?

10, 01, 2018|Spanish Accountancy|

Litigation lawyer in Marbella Hopefully it will never come to this, but it is possible that at some stage in your professional life, you must face credits that are impossible to charge: therefore, we have some valuable information for you today.   Before you try to tackle the subject, we need to clarify in which [...]

Irregular Company in Spain

28, 12, 2017|Spanish Accountancy|

By Welex—Your leading law firm in Marbella! The irregular company in Spain is defined as a Spanish company whose members have opted not to register the company in the Mercantile Registry. This distinction, however, is reflected in capitalist, non-personalist companies. There is some doctrinal unanimity, which says that the contract is valid. Article 117 of [...]

Spanish Company under Formation

26, 12, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

Welex—Your multilingual law firm in Marbella! The Spanish company in formation exists from the moment when the members decide to form the company until the company is registered in the Mercantile Register. The Spanish Capital Companies Law of 02/07/2010 regulates the company in formation by Articles 36 to 38, which establish the following: Regarding the [...]

Spanish Accountancy Books and Annual Accounts in Spain

20, 12, 2017|Spanish Accountancy|

Welex Accountantsn Marbella are pleased to provide additional information on the well-known accountancy books and annual accounts in Spain:   Every company in Spain has a series of obligations of registration before the Spanish mercantile register: Accountancy books in Spain Spanish annual accounts.   The accounting books are presented before said registry within 4 months [...]

How to open a bank account in Spain as a non-resident

19, 11, 2017|Spanish Accountancy, Tax in Spain|

Welex, your leading law firm in Marbella, Málaga, Spain has answers and advice for you! If you are wondering if you can open an account in Spain when you are a foreigner, the answer is yes. Currently Spanish legislation and most banks in the financial system have the necessary resources and mechanisms for a non-resident [...]