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Accountants in Marbella provide advice so your business can be a complete success in the Costa del Sol

14, 09, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

Welex: your efficient accountants in Marbella! The Costa del Sol, and, more specifically, Marbella, is the ideal place to start a business in the tourist sector. Throughout the year, tourists from different parts of Europe and all over the world visit the South of Spain in search of nice beaches, good food and all that [...]

Bankruptcy proceedings in Spain: What are they and what are they for?

11, 09, 2017|Litigation in Spain, Spanish Accountancy|

Our law firm in Marbella can answer all your questions about Spanish bankruptcy proceedings. First, it is important to note that Spanish law tries as much as possible to help individuals and companies that are going through complicated situations meet their payment obligations. If it is foreseen that the Spanish bankruptcy procedure will take a [...]

Liabilities in business transfers in Spain

04, 09, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

By Welex, leading law firm in Marbella. There are many reasons why a person or company may wish to purchase another company in Spain, whether to start a new business, or to expand, create his mark or to acquire clients or suppliers. Factors to be considered: The transfer of rights and obligations of a Spanish [...]

What are the Chambers of Commerce and what is their function in Spain?

30, 08, 2017|Spanish Accountancy|

What are the Chambers of Commerce, and what is their function in Spain? We have all heard of the chambers of commerce, but what exactly are they, and what kind of help do they offer companies and the self-employed in Spain? What is the Spanish Chamber of Commerce? The Chamber of Commerce in Spain is [...]

What is the daily register of the working days and why is it obligatory in Spain?

23, 08, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

Labour-related advice in Spain If you have employees in your Spanish company, their working days must be correctly recorded into the accounts. This is called the Daily Registry of the working days. The following information must be included in such a document: In addition to establishing all conditions and requirements set out in the labour [...]

Law firm in Marbella informing on the difference between a community trademark and an international registry

19, 08, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

Leading Law firm in Marbella wishes to explain the difference between a community trademark and an international registry. Doubts on both issues are sometimes considerable. We wish to try to shed some light on the issue. Let’s say that both the community trademark and an international registry allow you to distinguish your services and products from [...]

What you need to know about cash payments in Spain

12, 08, 2017|Spanish Accountancy|

Accountant in Marbella informing on how to deal with cash payments in Spain. In connection with the fight against tax fraud, the unregistered economy and money laundering in Spain, tax offices are increasingly emphasising limits on cash transactions. ‘Cash payments’ not only include Spanish or foreign coins and banknotes, but also bearer cheques in any [...]

What liability do we acquire when purchasing a company in Spain?

10, 08, 2017|Spanish Accountancy|

On many occasions, it is possible to become involved in purchasing a Spanish company which could entail some kind of negative consequences due to the liability these companies may carry. Therefore, when purchasing a Spanish company, we always recommend consulting with a team of professionals, like us at the law firm Welex, before the sale. [...]

Leading law firm in Marbella informing about the key points of registering your trademark in Spain

20, 07, 2017|Others, Spanish Accountancy|

Welex: your motivated law firm in Marbella! If you want to register your trademark in Spain, we will show you the key points to do so and the steps you need to take to register your trademark successfully. What is a trademark in Spain used for? A trademark in Spain is a representative symbol that [...]


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