Spanish Wills & Inheritance

The private document of Acceptance of Inheritance in Spain

16, 11, 2023|Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

Welex, law and accountant firm on the Costa del Sol, will explain in detail information about the private document of acceptance of inheritance in Spain. An inheritance in Spain can be accepted tacitly, through the performance of acts that imply an unequivocal will to become an heir. It can also be accepted expressly, through the [...]

Donations from non-residents in Andalusia, Spain

14, 07, 2023|Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

At Welex, law and accountant firm in Marbella, we are pleased to explain a topic of great relevance to non-residents in Andalucía, Spain: donations. As experts in this area, we know the importance of understanding the legal and fiscal aspects involved in donations from non-residents in Spain. Our aim is to provide you with the [...]

Reservation of inheritance in Spain

24, 04, 2023|Litigation in Spain, Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

Welex, firm of lawyers and accountants in Marbella, has the pleasure to write a few lines about the reservation of inheritance in Spain.   The reservation of inheritance in Spain is a figure that imposes a certain trajectory of the assets in the succession Mortis Causa in order to ensure the final destination of certain [...]

Inheritances in Spain and its phases

05, 12, 2022|Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

As already mentioned in previous blogs, the term inheritance is defined as a subrogation in the legal position of the deceased, comprising all their assets, rights and obligations as long as they are not extinguished after their death.   In the following, our team of lawyers specialized in inheritance in Spain will explain the different [...]

Inheritance in Spain: The Executor and the Accountant Partidor.

28, 07, 2022|Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

In this Blog, our law firm in Marbella would like to talk about inheritance in Spain and the figures of the Executor and the Accountant Partidor in Spain and highlighting which are the functions that the Spanish Civil Code entrusts to them after the death of the deceased. Inheritance in Spain: The Executor The executor [...]


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