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What are the charges and debts deductible from an inheritance in Spain? | WELEX

07, 04, 2022|Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

Once we have specified the assets that constitute the inheritance in Spain of the deceased person, as well as their value and added the value of the trousseau (and, if applicable, the additional assets), according to the explanation provided in previous posts, we must take into account the deductible charges or debts deductible from the [...]

Tax base reduction up to one million euros in inheritances in Andalusia | WELEX

17, 02, 2022|Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

In the event that you have received an inheritance in Spain, even if you are a non-resident, you must submit a self-assessment of the Inheritance and Gift Tax to the Tax Agency. The self-assessment tax form is called 650. The Autonomous Community of Andalusia has recently established a reduction in the tax base for spouses [...]

What are the assets that can be added to an inheritance in Spain? | WELEX

10, 08, 2021|Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

Continuing with our "Definitive Guide (or almost) to Inheritance Tax in Andalusia", in the following entry we will discuss what are the assets that can be added to an inheritance in Spain.   The regulations governing Inheritance Tax in Andalusia distinguish between the following assets that can be added to an inheritance in Spain:   [...]

The “trousseau” and “additional assets” in Inheritance Tax in Spain: What is the trousseau in Spain?

14, 07, 2021|Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

What is the trosseau in Spain? To the estate, which is made up of the assets of the inheritance, must be added what is known as "Household Goods or Trosseau", which may well be confused with the personal belongings and objects of the deceased. This is an objective estimate fixed by law and amounts to [...]

How do we determine the value of the assets of an inheritance in Spain? | WELEX

30, 06, 2021|Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

Once we have tried to give an answer to the regulations governing Inheritance Tax in Spain and who is subject to this tax depending on various personal and territorial criteria, we will continue to unravel the essential elements affecting Inheritance Tax such as the value of the assets of the inheritance in Spain. Let's continue: [...]

Am I obliged to accept an inheritance in Spain? | WELEX

14, 06, 2021|Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

I am a legitimate heir or I have been named as heir in a will, but am I obliged to accept an inheritance in Spain?   As we have commented in previous blogs the heirs succeed the deceased as universal heirs, i.e. they inherit not only the goods and rights (assets) that the deceased had [...]

Where is Inheritance Tax in Spain payable? | WELEX

19, 05, 2021|Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

In general terms, Inheritance Tax in Spain is payable in the Autonomous Community where the deceased had his or her habitual residence.   What do we mean by habitual residence for Inheritance Tax in Spain purposes? Article 28 of Law 22/2009 of 18 December 2009, which regulates the financing system of the Autonomous Communities under [...]

Definitive guide for Inheritance Tax in Andalusia | WELEX

28, 04, 2021|Spanish Wills & Inheritance, Tax in Spain|

Although our law firm in Marbella does not wish to give our readers false expectations, we pretend to solve in the below mentioned text  doubts that Inheritance Tax in Andalusia may entail. However, its a pleasure to explain in the following lines a general summary when it comes to Inheritance Tax in the Autonomous Community [...]

The electronic Hague Apostille in Belgian public documents

17, 09, 2019|Others, Property in Spain, Spanish Accountancy, Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

The electronic Hague Apostille Our law firm in Marbella helps clients of Belgian nationality resolve any legal issues they may have in Spain. Very often, we ask for Powers of Attorney to be able to carry out certain legal procedures in Spain. It is required that Powers of Attorney be granted to you [...]


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