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Confirmation of the blow to inheritance and donation tax in Andalusia

26, 02, 2018|Spanish Wills & Inheritance, Tax in Spain|

Welex, your law firm and team of economists in Marbella, is pleased to confirm what was already mentioned in our previous article "Blow to the inheritance and donation tax in Andalusia." Law 5/2017, of December 5th, approves the general budgets for the Autonomous Community of Andalusia for the 2018 fiscal year. It is worth highlighting [...]

Inheritances in Spain: what are the costs, risks and terms?

27, 11, 2017|Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

Maybe one day you will have to face the situation of accepting or rejecting an inheritance. This is a complicated moment for you and an important decision to make. That is why we want to help you and throw a little light on this complicated subject. This is a normal procedure in Spain, but before [...]

Keys to understanding inheritance tax in Spain

24, 11, 2017|Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

Inheriting is not an easy process, due in many circumstances to the pain and sorrow of the loss of one of your relatives. And then the legal aspects are added into the inheritances that we must tend to; among them is the inheritance tax in Spain. Not infrequently, the inheritance and gift tax provokes confusion, [...]

Blow to the inheritance and donation tax in Andalusia

15, 11, 2017|Spanish Wills & Inheritance, Tax in Spain|

Inheritance tax news in Spain!. Welex, Tax law firm in Marbella has the pleasure to inform you about a drastic change in Spanish Inheritance and donation Tax in Spain.   Welex, Law firm and team of accountants in Marbella are informing you about the future regulatory change which will lower the inheritance and donation tax [...]

Criterion of nationality or residence in matters of succession in Spain

08, 11, 2017|Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

At Welex, you will find everything related to inheritance in Spain. We explain  inheritance laws and inheritance tax in Spain. Watch out that the Spanish Inheritance law could be different than the one your nationality and therefore it is relevant to choose the one you wish to apply.   The Regulation of European Union in matters [...]

Accepting your Inheritance in Spain

18, 09, 2017|Property in Spain, Spanish Wills & Inheritance|

After one’s loved one passes away, his or her heirs have the right to accept the inheritance or reject it. In the case of acceptance, the following documentation must be obtained in order to grant your Acceptance of Inheritance Deed in front of a Spanish Notary:   – Death Certificate, issued by the Civil Registry [...]

Spanish Inheritance less than 250,000 euros will not pay inheritance taxes in Andalucía

16, 08, 2017|Spanish Wills & Inheritance, Tax in Spain|

The Spanish region “Andalucía” legislation on inheritance procedures has suffered an interesting change in the application of the autonomic reduction for spouse and direct relatives by inheritance. New legislation on Spanish Inheritance Tax in Andalucía came into force on 1st January 2017. Thus, an autonomous reduction is established for Andalusia for spouses and direct relatives [...]

Legal effects of Powers of Attorney granted out of Spain

18, 06, 2017|Property in Spain, Spanish Wills & Inheritance, Tax in Spain|

Relevant information with regards to POA in Spain are mentioned at the Spanish Resolution of September 14th, 2106 of the so known Dirección General de los Registros y del Notariado   Do you wish to sell your property in Spain? English speaking Spanish lawyer in Marbella wish you to line out the following to take [...]

What documentation do I need to request to the seller to purchase an already existing property in Spain?

07, 06, 2017|Property in Spain, Spanish Wills & Inheritance, Tax in Spain|

First, we would like to differentiate between properties that are acquired directly from the developer or under construction and the properties of second transmission, depending on whether it is one or the other properties referred, we will request to the vendor different documents. In this blog we are going to focus on Spanish properties of [...]