Tax in Spain

Financial Planning for British Residents in Spain

26, 07, 2018|Tax in Spain|

The beginning of a new year is a good time to reflect on the next twelve months and review your financial planning, making sure it is up-to-date and aimed at protecting your family’s long-term assets. For British citizens who live in Spain, it is important to know the different taxes that exist in Spain, as [...]

Tips to keep in mind when you come to live in Spain

26, 07, 2018|Property in Spain, Tax in Spain, Tourism and Culture in Spain|

Spain is one of the most beautiful, charming, culturally enriching and exciting countries in the world, so it is not surprising that it is among the main travel destinations for tourists all over the world. Do you want to settle in Spain, create your business here or simply rent or buy real estate to invest [...]

Billing requirements to justify deductible expenses in Spain

04, 06, 2018|Spanish Accountancy, Tax in Spain|

Our accountancy firm in Marbella has the pleasure to lay out for you the requirements of an invoice in Spain. Self-employed workers and companies can deduct certain amounts from their taxes to the Treasury, regarding the payment of VAT or the Income Tax and Corporate Tax. However, for these deductions to be accepted, the correct [...]

Goodbye to the Wealth Tax in Andalucía in 2018

16, 04, 2018|Property in Spain, Tax in Spain|

Spain’s wealth tax is regulated by law 19/1991. In 2008, law 4/2008 established a 100% tax credit against wealth tax liability beginning on 1 January of that year. However, as a consequence of the economic crisis in Spain, the wealth tax was temporarily reinstated between 2011 and 2017. Thus, declarations of wealth tax liability must [...]

Spanish Capital Gains Tax on the Sale of a Property in Spain

09, 04, 2018|Property in Spain, Tax in Spain|

Conveyancing lawyers in Marbella at our firm, Welex, have the pleasure to inform you about the capital gains tax in Spain at the time of the sale of your property.   When you sell a property in Spain, you must take into account that the profit you obtain is subject to tax. This is the [...]

Royal decree 1074/2017 that modified the Income Tax, Corporation Tax and Inheritance and Donations Tax in Spain

02, 04, 2018|Spanish Accountancy, Tax in Spain|

Modifications in the Spanish Personal Income Tax in for 2018 Are you a tax resident in Spain? Then, you should take into account the following changes that were made by the Royal Decree 1074/2017, of December 29th, which modified the Regulations of the Personal Income Tax in Spain. We refer to the so known “Impuesto [...]

The IBI and the Cadastral Values ​​in Spain

12, 03, 2018|Property in Spain, Tax in Spain|

Our law firm in Marbella is pleased to provide you with more information regarding the cadastral value of your property in Spain, which is closely related to the real estate tax.   Cadastral values ​​in Spain   The cadastral values ​​are administrative values ​​that have been determined for each property located in the Spanish Territory. [...]


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