At Welex, law firm in Marbella, we are proud to count on a multidisciplinary team of lawyers and accountants on the Costa del Sol.


However, we have gone one step further in our commitment to excellence by founding a Digital Marketing Department in our Marbella office.


Headed by our Marketing Director, Noelia Reus, this digital marketing team is composed by professionals with in-depth knowledge in areas such as copywriting in Spanish, English, French and Dutch; graphic design, video editing, community management or creation and management of advertising campaigns on different digital platforms such as Google Adwords or Facebook Ads, among others.


Why is it important to rely on a Digital Marketing department in Spain?


Digital Marketing Department in Spain

Nowadays, our lives are increasingly structured around digital media. The progress of new technologies and the life advantages they provide have contributed to an enormous digital transformation in recent years, leading people to become more and more users.

The immediate nature of this digital environment, as well as the high capacity for interaction between users, have crowned the Internet as the communication channel par excellence of the 21st century. The online user is increasingly looking for information about the world that surrounds him or her, and our companies are part of that world. Sharing opinions, comparing or purchasing has never been as easy as it is today. And for companies, being present in this digital environment has never been so important.

This is where a Digital Marketing Department in Spain plays a fundamental role for the future of companies. In an increasingly globalized world where users receive and demand large amounts of information, offering a satisfactory user experience, as well as counting on a team that understands the tools to communicate your corporate identity through the Internet, is crucial to stand out from the competition.


4 benefits of working with a Digital Marketing Department in Spain


1. Greater profitability than other traditional marketing media

One of the great advantages of the lower costs brought by the introduction of the Internet is that, with a lower investment, companies are now able to improve the results they obtained through traditional means. Digital Marketing also means greater interactivity with users and an increase in the response time.


2. Small and Medium-sized companies have the same possibilities as large companies

In the digital environment, all companies implement their Digital Marketing actions through the same platforms. Starting from the same starting point, SMEs can achieve high visibility through Digital Marketing by establishing an effective digital strategy that meets the needs of their target audience. Success is no longer based on the amount of money spent but on originality, strategic vision and analysis of results.


3. Results are measurable and actions are adjustable

Digital Marketing provides immediate access to the results of campaigns and actions, offering a previously unimaginable possibility of optimization. A digital campaign is easily modifiable while it is being implemented, getting the most out of the investment in this way and achieving better results. 


4. You can reach users worldwide

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing and the online presence of companies is that it is possible to reach users from all over the world. Using advanced segmentation tools, it is possible to reach national and international users for the same price as local users.


From Welex, law firm in Marbella, we are committed to the great advantages of Digital Marketing in Spain.


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