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At Welex, your multilingual accountancy firm based in Marbella, we have been providing all these services for more than 25 years.


At our accountancy and tax office in Marbella, the heart of the Costa del Sol, our professional team of accountants and lawyers will answer all your questions related with tax, legal and accountancy issues.


But at Welex, we have taken a step forward.


We are pleased to announce that at our law firm based in Marbella, we have created a unique website specialized on accountancy issues in order to provide our customers the highest and exclusive accountancy department quality in the Costa del Sol.


By following the posts created for this website, Welex Lawyers and Accountant, offers you the possibility to be the first in being informed about the regulations in force, according to the latest legislative reforms.


At Welex, your success with fiscal and legal security in your projects in Spain is our goal.


Our team of economic and tax experts in Spain are in constant training programs and learning in order to write the most complete and updated posts for this accountancy service in our specialized website.


Although our news doesn’t stop here!


What will you find in our specialized accountancy in Spain website?


Tax advice in Spain

Our professional team of economists and accountants in Marbella will be in charge of obtaining and submitting the following declarations:


  • Annual Declaration of Corporate Tax
  • Annual Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • Annual Declaration of transactions with third parties.
  • Annual Personal Income Tax return (the deductions and payments on account of income from work)
  • Annual Personal Income Tax return (the deductions and payments on account of certain incomes like renting)
  • Corporate Tax Fractional Payments
  • Quarterly Added Value (VAT)
  • Quarterly Personal Income Tax (Withholdings and payments on account of certain income like renting)
  • Quarterly Personal Income Tax (Withholdings and payments of income from work)


Accounting advice in Spain

  • Presentations to the Mercantile Registry of all official books and annual accounts for your registration.
  • Inventory Book
  • Minute Book
  • Daily Book
  • Balance sheet book (balance book, sums and balances and profit and loss statement)
  • Advice to the Directors of the Company on the protocolization of the above.
  • Accounting for the Corporate Books according to the General Accounting System in Spain.
  • Annual corporate tax balance sheet.
  • Preparation of the Minutes of the Annual shareholders meeting with the accounts’ approval.
  • Balance sheets for the client with the pertinent annotations
  • Study and approval of invoices and received by the Spanish company.
  • Drawing up balance sheets for the various taxes.
  • Making the relevant entries in the Company’s Books according to the Spanish general account system.
  • General advice about the procedure for issuing and drawing up invoices in Spain.


Tax representation for residents and non-residents in Spain


Do you own a property in Spain?

Are you planning to purchase a home in Spain?


If this is your case, you must be aware of the yearly Spanish tax liabilities which you will manage while and after you purchase a property in Spain.


In our new accountancy website, our professional team of economists and accountants in Marbella will inform and resolve all these matters and much more at all time.


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