The province of Malaga offers an endless number of cultural and tourist proposals. Proof of this are the festivals and unique fairs in which you get to know the customs of the towns of the province at first hand. Many of these festivities and celebrations are linked to the history or to the typical gastronomy. Therefore they are an excellent opportunity to get to know the culture of the Costa del Sol.


Festival of the Three Cultures, Frigiliana

This is a festival that is celebrated in the municipality of Malaga, in Frigiliana. It is one of the most important events which pays homage to the three cultures that have left their mark in medieval Spain: Islamic, Hebrew and Christian culture. During a few days, the town is transformed and exhibitions, conferences, concerts, cinema, children’s theater, parades and street shows are organized.

belasting Spanje

Fair and Festival of Pedro Romero, Ronda

It is one of the most important festivities of this municipality. Ronda dresses up during one whole week to celebrate its attractive and long-awaited Pedro Romero Fair. A singular celebration that is not celebrated in honor of a saint but of a bullfighter. Its main attraction is the traditional corrida Goyesca, where a unique show is combined, inside the bicentennial square of the Real Maestranza de Ronda. Thousands of people get together that day in the surroundings of the square to watch a unique event in the world of bullfighting.

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Feria de las maravillas, Nerja

The fair of the wonders has its origins in the 16th century and is celebrated in Maro on the 8th of September. This festivity pays homage to its patroness the Virgin of the Wonders which is taken out in procession through the streets whilst the town is full of rockets and fireworks. The youngest people of the village who have a promise or simply a devotion to walk around their virgin, tie a handkerchief on the throne to reserve a place to be amongst one to carry it and this remains respected by all. In addition to the procession, activities are organized with traditional and modern music, barbecues on the beach, etc.


Moors and Christians festival, Alfarnate

This celebration is celebrated every year in September, where more than 400 people dress for the occasion in the costums and typical clothes of the time.

The objective of this festival is to remember its conquest by the Christian troops and the later expulsion of the Moorish people. The town is completely transformed, all streets decorated with a clear distinction between Christian and Moorish neighborhoods. A unique and very special atmosphere is created that brings visitors back to this time in our history.


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