Will in Spain

The main issue to be taken into account when obtaining a Will in Spain or its authorized copy and to know whether or not there is a Will, is to know whether the deceased person left his last Will recorded in some kind of deed in Spain.

will in spain

The certificate of last Will that we need to obtain will accredit whether a person has authorized his Will in Spain and before which Notary Public this has been executed. Therefore, the first thing we need to do is to accredit the death by means of the original death certificate. Where can we obtain such certificate? The Civil Registry that has issued the decease of the deceased person will provide you said certificate without any problem.

To apply for the deed of last Will in Spain you must not only provide the notary with the death certificate, but you must also pay some administrative fees at the corresponding bank. Nowadays, said fees ascend to approximately three euros and seventy cents. You must also fill in the form 790 that you can obtain at the provincial department of the tax office.

With this documentation and the proof of payment of the fees, you can apply for the Certificate of last Will and you will know whether the deceased had authorized a will or not. In case the deceased person had authorized a last Will in Spain, you will get to know before which Notary and on which date. Said certificate can be obtained at the territorial department of the ministry of Justice, Civil registries, central client service office or any other body that is allowed to issue the certificate.

At this moment, once we know before which notary the  Spanish Will was authorized, the heirs can apply for an authentic copy. Nevertheless, the certificate of last will may be applied for by any person with the corresponding documentation.

Should you wish to apply for the certificate of last will  from abroad, we must go to one of the financial entities listed on the form, that has a branch in the country where you wish to apply it from. Another option is by bank transfer of open accounts outside the country.

You can apply for the certificate of last Will in Spain within two weeks after the date of decease.

It might be a bit long winding to obtain a copy of the Will in Spain and to know whether there is a will or not. Therefore, Welex is there to help you obtain a copy of the will and make life so much easier.