On the 17th of June, the Marbella Dutch Business Club (MDBC) commemorated its twentieth anniversary with a beautiful celebration known as the Haring Party. The event attracted an impressive turnout, with over 210 attendees gracing the occasion. Among the distinguished guests was Welex, prominent team of lawyers and accountants based in Marbella, who not only participated as honored guests but also had the privilege of sponsoring the event.


The Haring Party in Marbella, celebrated by the Marbella Dutch Business Club, is a prominent social gathering that brings together members of the Dutch business community in Marbella, Spain. This exclusive event serves as a platform for networking, fostering connections, and promoting business relationships in a vibrant and festive atmosphere.

The Haring Party is a tribute to Dutch traditions, particularly the haring (herring) fish, which holds cultural significance in the Netherlands. Guests have the opportunity to indulge in the finest herring delicacies, accompanied by traditional Dutch drinks and cuisine.

Beyond its cultural elements, the Haring Party also serves as a business-oriented affair. Attendees include entrepreneurs, professionals, and influencers, creating an environment conducive to establishing valuable connections and exploring potential collaborations.

The event is characterized by its lively ambiance, featuring live music performances, entertainment acts, and engaging activities that create a dynamic and engaging experience for attendees. It serves as a platform to celebrate Dutch culture, strengthen business ties, and enjoy the vibrant social scene of Marbella.

The Haring Party is an occasion where business and pleasure seamlessly intertwine, leaving attendees with lasting memories and fostering a sense of community among the Dutch business community in Marbella.


Charity is highly valued by the Marbella Dutch Business Club. Funds raised among members are awarded every 2 years to a charity in Andalucia. This year butterfly children association is the charity of the club.

As customary, the award for the most exquisite hat takes the spotlight at the Haring Party in Marbella, captivating the attention of all attendees. This cherished tradition continues to flourish in the 2023 edition of the event, adding an extra touch of elegance and allure to the festivitie. Each year, the finest pamela hats are showcased and admired for their beauty and craftsmanship. The competition for the most beautiful pamela hat creates an air of excitement, as participants strive to captivate the judges and fellow partygoers with their unique and stunning headwear creations. It is an integral part of the Haring Party, further enhancing the enchanting atmosphere and providing a delightful spectacle for all to enjoy.


The Golden Herring Award

This year, Mr. Kasper Huijsman was bestowed with the prestigious golden haring at the annual festival, recognizing ** remarkable dedication to embracing and promoting Dutch culture on the Costa del Sol. This annual award serves as a tribute to individuals who have made exceptional efforts in integrating Dutch cultural influences in the region.