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What exactly is an NIE number, and what do you need it for? There are many questions related to this matter, and we aim to resolve all of them in this post. Should you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is an NIE number?

A ‘Number for Identification of Foreigners’ (known in Spanish as the ‘NIE’) is a number that identifies all non-residents in Spain. It is a unique, personal and non-transferrable number, and even though it does not authorise or give you the right of residency in Spain, you will need an NIE to carry out any kind of economic operation and transaction, and for tax purposes. For example, an NIE is needed to open a bank account, file tax returns, open shops, rent or purchase a car or property and so on.

Both citizens of the European Union and countries outside of the EU must apply for an NIE number, whether for tax, labour-related purposes or to apply for residency.

How and where can you get an NIE number?

Where do I get an NIE number? There are two official places where you can obtain one:

  • At the closest foreigners’ registration office in your town.
  • If you are not in Spain, you can apply for an NIE number through the Spanish Consulate or Embassy in your country.

Before going to these offices, be sure to know what documentation needs to be filed together with your application:

You must bring your valid passport, along with a copy of the passport, passport-sized colour photographs, the form duly filled out and copies of the form.

Furthermore, it will be necessary to file documentation that accredits the reasons for making your application. Depending on your country of origin, in some cases other documents may also be required, such as a medical certificate or an official family booklet.

Another possible way to apply for an NIE number is to appoint a legal representative or a lawyer in Spain. Whether you are in Spain or not, appointing a lawyer or legal representative in Spain is a quick and efficient way to obtain an NIE number. By doing this, you will avoid hassles and save a lot of time and unnecessary queues.

Should you wish to obtain an NIE number, please take into account that Welex can advise and help you through all necessary formalities and paperwork. Contact our law firm in Marbella now!

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