Have you acquired Spanish nationality and do you wish to know if you can lose it? In Spain exists situations after its acquisition with full legal validity where you can lose your Spanish nationality voluntarily. Welex, lawyers and accountants in Marbella informs you.

The acquisition of Spanish nationality for those who are not Spaniards by origin can be lost whenever certain circumstances exist in the interested party that entail the extinction or renunciation of the acquired right. It can also be extinguished as a penalty, although this penalty will be the subject of another entry in this blog.


Causes for which you can lose your Spanish nationality voluntarily 

The following reasons are required for the loss of Spanish nationality:


  1. A habitual residence abroad and the voluntary acquisition of the nationality of the other country; or the use of the nationality held prior to the acquisition of Spanish nationality. For this loss to occur, three years must have elapsed, unless, before this period expires, the interested party, by appearance before the judge in charge of the civil registry, declares his or her wish to retain Spanish This action shall not be necessary in the case of countries where it is possible to maintain dual nationality together with Spanish nationality.

The voluntary loss of Spanish Nationality

  1. Spanish nationality shall also be lost by those who openly renounce this nationality, as long as they hold another nationality and habitually reside abroad.
  1. Finally, Spanish nationality is also lost by those who were born abroad and had it as a result of being the children of a Spanish father or mother also born abroad, as long as the laws of the country where they reside attribute a nationality to them, and they do not declare their wish to maintain it before the Civil Registry Officer within three years of reaching the legal age of majority.


However, these causes for loss of Spanish nationality will not occur when Spain is at war, by virtue of the aforementioned.


Therefore, if you have acquired Spanish nationality and wish to keep it, do not hesitate to contact our law firm. At Welex, lawyers and accountants in Spain, a lawyer expert in nationalities will be able to help you.


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