Property Purchase in Spain: Mandatory documentation to be delivered by the developer in the case of sale and purchase of homes under construction.


If you have decided to buy an off-plan property on the Costa del Sol, you are facing an important decision, since the property has not yet been built and it is an investment in a foreign country whose legislation you are not familiar with. At Welex lawyers Marbella, we give you advice about all the process of your property purchase in Spain.

Property Purchase in Spain

In any case we advise you to hire the services of a real estate lawyer in Marbella or surrounding areas, who will explain the steps to be taken in the purchase and the details of the documentation on your new home, which will give you great peace of mind throughout the purchase process until its completion and complete the registration of your new home in Spain in your name at the Land Registry.


You should bear in mind that, as established in the regulations applicable to consumer information in the Property Purchase in Spain, the Developer must deliver a series of mandatory documents to the buyer.


Documents to be delivered that will form part of your private sale and purchase contract:


Abbreviated Informative Document (DIA). This document will include, among others, the name and address of the developer, details of the construction company, site and floor plans of the property, its useful surface area and description, as well as a description of the building and urbanization in which it is located and its common areas.


If your property is included in a Community of Owners, information will be provided on the participation that corresponds to you within the Community, and your percentage in the payment of the general expenses of the same one.


Informative note about the price and the forms of payment.


Building license.


Plans of the property.


Building specifications.


License of first occupation or administrative document that substitutes or replaces it.


Decennial insurance.


Book of the building.


Other aspects to take into account in the contract of sale in Spain.

A fundamental aspect is that you must take into account, about property Purchase in Spain, is that, according to the Spanish legislation, the buyer will not bear the costs of the title that correspond to the seller, as for example the costs of declaration of new construction, and, in addition, as a buyer, you have the right to choose the notary before whom you wish to sign your public deed of sale, being the fees fixed by law, through a tariff that is the same for all.


If you would like more information about properties purchase in Spain, please do not hesitate to contact our team of real estate lawyers Marbella.