NIE Number Certificate in Spain is the known “Número de Identificación para Extranjero”. One of the first steps that a non Spanish national have to take when they are going to carry out any economic, professional or social issue connected with Spain, is to obtain a NIE Number Certificate in Spain.

This NIE Number Certificate is personal and it must appear on all documents that are processed and its main purpose is the identification of a foreign resident.

Here are examples of procedures in which a NIE Number is compulsory in Spain:

  1. Purchasing a property in Spain.
  2. Purchasing a vehicle or a boat in Spain.
  3. Starting a business in Spain.
  4. Starting work.
  5. Applying for a driving license.

The NIE in Spain, is obtainable at the Home Office (“Ministerio del Interior” in Spain) and the following documents must be presented:

  1. Copy of the corresponding fee form already paid.
  2. NIE Number Certificate application form duplicate.
    The application form must be filled in with the personal details of the applicant, an address in Spain, the full name of the parent of the applicant and duly signed by the applicant.
  3. Copy of the passport.
    Also citizens of the European Union may present their identity cards.
    The copy of the passport is to be accompanied with the original.
  4. Explanation as to why a NIE card is being requested.
    In this step, it should be reported to the authorities the reasons why the NIE is being requested.


This documentation must be presented to the authorities where it is legally issued.

Within five days from the presentation of the application form at the Registry of the authority, you will be granted the document

The presentation of the application form to obtain the NIE number certificate could be applied in person or through your representative.

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