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You may have been entitled to be compensated by the Administration in Spain. The following are the essential elements to be taken into account in order to receive this compensation

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Essential elements to receive compensation for the patrimonial responsibility of the Public Administration in Spain.

The repealed Spanish Law of the Legal Regime of Public Administrations and common administrative procedure 30/92 of November 26, 1992, its reform in law 4/99 configured the processing of the administrative procedure of patrimonial responsibility through a general procedure with the specialties with the different administrative laws and the royal decree that developed the royal decree of patrimonial responsibility of Public Administrations in Spain.

All this legislative diversity in Spain has led to Law 40/2015 of the legal system of Public Administrations which outlines the procedure to be followed to obtain compensation from the injured party (whether or not a citizen of Spain) for the injury suffered in their property and their rights.

English litigation lawyer in Marbella has the pleasure to line out that the requirements for action against the Spanish administration are derived from Article 1902 of the Civil Code which states “Whoever by action or omission causes damage to another by incurring in fault or negligence is obliged to repair the damage caused”.

The abovementioned law 30/92 required an injurious action or omission, the production of a damage whose characteristics are that the damage must be real, effective and economically assessable as well as a causal relationship between the action and omission of the Administration and the production of the damage.

This cause-and-effect relationship implies a link where the professional’s performance becomes more important, since its approach may lead to the success or otherwise of the claim in Spain.

Our litigation lawyers in Marbella will professionally assist you in approaching this claim in Spain so that you can see your expectations satisfied.

Finally, the law of legal regime requires the non-existence that the citizen or administrated has the legal duty to support the prejudices derived from the action of the administration in Spain. In view of this, our lawyers in Marbella will inform you before starting their action about the obligations of the applicant for compensation in order to avoid claims that from the beginning were doomed to failure.

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