In our previous blogs, our lawyers specialized in property purchase and sale in Spain explained what is the Reference Value of a property in Spain and how to obtain the Reference Value from a theoretical point of view.

In the following, from Welex lawyers in Marbella, we are pleased to illustrate step by step how to obtain the Reference Value. We will explain the process from a practical point of view using examples and we will inform you why we should always take into account the Reference Value when buying a property in Spain.


In the first place, we are going to learn how to obtain the Reference Value of a property, step by step:

1.- Visit the page of the Cadastre, whose link we provide you


2.- Click on the section “Valor de referencia”, as you can see in the following image:

Reference value Spain


3.- Once within the “Valor de referencia” section, you will find the following list:

We will need to access the second section “Consulta valor de referencia”.

Reference value Spain 5


4.- You will find two options:

 – Access with your DNI/NIE data

– Access using a digital certificate in Spain

Reference value Spain


5. We will need to fill in the form that appears below, where we are asked for:

– The purpose

– The value date

– NIF (which we will have already included in section 4)

– The cadastral reference of the property from which we wish to obtain the reference value.

Reference value Spain


Once all the details have been provided, click on “valor de referencia” and you will obtain the descriptive details of the property and its reference value. The platform will also allow you to download a certificate of the reference value.


Case study on how to obtain the reference value in Spain

At Welex we don’t stop there. Our team of lawyers and accountants in Marbella, experts in the purchase and sale of properties in Spain, have created a practical example of how to obtain this reference value, and explain to us what a difference between the purchase value and the reference value of a property means.

Our client would like to purchase a house and have agreed on a price of 405.000,00 euros. After consulting its Reference Value, we are informed that this property has a Reference Value of 470.494,19 euros.

As we can see, the Reference Value of the property (470.494,19€) is higher than the purchase price (405.000,00€).

Therefore, the buyer will receive a “complementary declaration of tax liquidation” from the Tax Agency requesting 7% of the Transfer Tax on the difference between the sale price and the Reference Value, plus interest and remote penalties.

This means 7% of 470.494,19€ (Reference Value) – 405.000,00€ (Sale and Purchase Value), which is equal to 7% of 65.494,19€ = 4.584,59€.

In this case an additional Transfer Tax of 4.584,59€ will be paid.


Do not hesitate to contact our team of lawyers in case you wish to purchase a property or have any doubts regarding the reference value of a property in Spain. We will be pleased to assist you.




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