Intellectual Property RegistryFirst, it is important to mention that there are two Registries:



  1. A) General information 

The Intellectual Property Registry is an entity provided for in intellectual property law, which is unique throughout the country. The Registry is conceived as a system for the protection of property rights.

Through the inscription therein of works susceptible for protection, a means of proof is obtained in order to prove who the authors of a registered work are and to whom the economic or exploitation rights of the work correspond.

The exploitation or economic rights last the entire life of the authors or author and 70 years after his or her death or declaration of death. After this period, the work goes into the public domain and can be used by anyone freely.


  1. b) Take into account:
  • Kindly note that every time a magazine is published (prior to its publication), four copies should be sent to the territorial registry of intellectual property in Malaga (taking into account that our office is in Marbella). The referred registry will then distribute the four copies as follows: two magazines to Madrid, one to the provincial library and another to Granada.
  • If you decide to register the magazine at a territorial registry of intellectual property, then it is necessary to register the magazine with an international standard serial number (ISSN).
  • This registration is not mandatory but it is advisable.


  1. c) Documentation needed to register the magazine:
  • Copy of the NIE number certificate
  • Fiscal Identification Code (CIF)
  • Application form M1 filled out and signed
  • Copy of your passport


  1. A) Information

The ISSN is the international identification code for serial publications (journals, periodicals, bulletins, yearbooks, monograph series, etc.).

The ISSN consists of eight figures (the last of which is a check digit) and incorporates no meaning other than identifying the serial publication. It does not contain prefixes indicating the country of publication or the publisher.

The ISSN is associated with the title of the serial publication and a change in the title may imply an ISSN change. As long as the title does not suffer changes or variations, the ISSN is maintained and must be printed in each issue, volume or iteration of the serial publication to which it identifies.

The registration is free and this registration is not mandatory but it is advisable (except if it is decided to register the magazine at a territorial registry of intellectual property).


  1. B) Requirements
  2. The magazine has to be published at some frequency.
  3. The editor should appear in the magazine.
  4. The magazine should appear in the place where it is edited.

Please kindly note that registration is requested in the country where it is published.


Feel free to contact our law firm in Marbella for more information regarding registering a magazine in Malaga, Spain.