The expert accountants, economists and tax advisors at Welex offer professional services both to natural persons and legal entities, whether residents or non-residents in Spain.

Tax and accountancy advice for natural persons who are non-residents in Spain.


Are you a non-resident and own a property in Spain? If so, it is important to fulfil all your tax responsibilities and we will be happy to study your case regarding Non-Resident Income Tax, which is an annual income statement.

Even if Spanish property is not occupied and / or rented to a third party, Spanish law estimates an income, and all owners must prepare and submit this personal tax return.

In “Welex” we will carry out your corresponding tax presentation, providing you with the calculations of this yearly tax. We can file the income tax for non-residents as well as make the corresponding payment.

The calculation of Income Tax for non-residents (I.R.N.R) must be prepared each year, as the circumstances of each taxpayer may vary.

During the fiscal year 2015, there was a review of the tax rates applicable to the income of all non-resident taxpayers in Spain who do not have a permanent establishment.

In general, for informative purposes, we are keen to present you the following scheme explaining the figures of this tax in Spain:

Law Firm of tax advisors in Marbella

Our Law Firm of tax advisors in Marbella can calculate your tax, fill in your returns and make the payment of the corresponding taxes.

We can also advise you on any fiscal, legal and accountancy matter.


The Wealth Tax has been reactivated provisionally for the years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

When must the Wealth Tax be paid?

    • The wealth tax must be paid on the 31st of December of each fiscal yearIs there a minimum exempted of payment?The tax base will be reduced as a minimum exempt at 700.000 euros.Is there an obligation to file for the Wealth Tax even if the net value of my property in Spain is less than 700.000 euros?Taxpayers whose resulting sum needs to be paid are obliged to file the return.  Also those value of assets and rights is higher than 2.000.000 euros, even when the quota is negative, are obligated.Tax and accountancy advice for legal entitiesWelex, your Law Firm and team of economists in Marbella, is specialised in providing tax and accountancy services for both small and medium-sized companies.The tax advisors of our Law Firm provide tax advice and are at your disposal for the preparation and filing of the following returns:
  • Value added tax (VAT).
  • Income tax for natural persons (withholdings and payment in advance of the income of work, of certain economic activities).
  • Income tax for natural persons (withholdings and payment in advance of certain income or income arising from rentals).
  • Returns of instalment payments of the corporate tax.
  • Yearly return for transactions with third parties.
  • Yearly corporate tax return.
    1. Accountancy advice for companies in Spain

      Accountancy advice for companies in Spain.

    2. At Welex, we offer professional, personalised service. All our professionals have years of experience in their activity, which they put at your service in order to respond quickly and effectively to your matters.In your business, you must have your accounts up to date, and this task requires qualified people if maximum net benefits are to be reported of the economic activity..It is extremely important to have the knowledge of an expert accountant when your company is a trading company.The formal obligations of companies can basically be classified into three categories:Formal accountancy obligations.The obligatory books that a company in Spain must have are:
      1. A) The annual accounts, which are made up of the following:
      • Balance sheet.
      • Profit and loss account.
      • Annual report.

      The three aforementioned documents must be drawn up clearly so that the information is useful and comprehensible.  Information that arises from the annual accounts must show the true image of the company’s equity and results.

B) Journal, in which all operations related to the company’s activity are daily registered.

C) Minutes book.

D) Registry of shareholders of a limited company.

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