“Welex “has a team of professionals composed of labour advisers, lawyers, economists and expert accountants, specialized in Labour Law, who can assist you in any matter relating to labour relations and rights and duties of employees, as well as in fiscal and mercantile advise for your company.

Our office in Marbella, Málaga, offers you highly qualified professionals from our Labour Department, to advise you as a self-employed or as an entrepreneur, among others, in matters of employment contracts and social security, and we offer “Corporate Labour Consultancy Services”.

The labour matters of your company will be attended with the highest professionalism and seriousness, we will take care of that your company fulfils all the obligations in force relating to staff and Spanish Labour Law.

Our Law Firm in Marbella provides a direct and transparent treatment for both self-employed and businessmen. We offer you complete advice for your company in labour matters and social security, which will facilitate the way to achieve your business objective.

Do you carry out an economic activity in Spain? If you have a business in Spain, you will undoubtedly need the professional services of our English-speaking Spanish labour advisor in Marbella.

Contact our Law Firm in Marbella for any labour-related enquiry, we shall listen carefully.

Registered labour advisor: labour SPECIALISTS in Marbella.

At Welex, we provide the best tailor-made solutions for your labour and employment issues, including the following services:

  • Carrying out all the administrative procedures necessary for the fulfilment of your labour obligations.
  • Drawing up any employment contract that fit the needs of your company and preparation of the corresponding payroll for each employee.
  • Comprehensive consultancy services for executive staff.
  • Company Social Security registration as well as obtaining the Social Security number for each employee before being hired.
  • Registration: registration and dismissal of each employee in your company.
  • Employment consultancy services relating to partners and senior positions.
  • Benefits: temporary incapacity, maternity, etc.
  • Obtaining and registration of the Visit Book that is compulsory for any visit of the labour inspector.
  • Reduction and extension of working day.
  • Claims of payments, rights, penalties, etc.
  • Records of Employment Regulation.

In short, in “Welex” you will find your labour advisor and lawyers specialized in labour regulations, planning and management of your company. We will give you direct answers. We will deal with your issues rigorously and efficiently and keep you informed at all times. Our goal is to provide excellent service to your company.

We can help you, do not hesitate to contact one of our labour advisers. Tell us what you need, we will be happy to assist you in any labour, tax or commercial matter.


Definition of Spanish Commercial law: We can define Commercial Law as a set of principles and rules that regulates the status of entrepreneurs and their specific activities.

Commercial Law regulates, among other matters, the formation of companies and their classes, liquidation of mercantile companies, maritime commerce, bankruptcy.

Linked to trade issues is Competition Law and Industrial Property, which includes industrial designs, trademarks, trade names and patents. The trademark is used to recognize your products and services from your competitors,  and grants you the exclusive right to use it for ten years,  and to renew the same for successive periods of other ten years.


The commercial planning of your company in Spain is important to avoid tax liabilities.

Our lawyers specialised in Commercial Law are committed to providing advice on:

  • Setting up companies.
  • Stock capital increase and decrease.
  • Transfer of registered office.
  • Consultancy service on the corporate object.
  • In case you decide to finish your activity in Spain, dissolution and liquidation of the company.

From Marbella, in the province of Málaga (Spain), we offer professional and efficient legal and tax services throughout the whole of Spain.

Our lawyers specialized in Commercial Law will be happy to attend any kind of commercial and tax consultation, to assist you in fulfilling your tax obligations as an entrepreneur and professional. Quality is our commitment. Find out more about our comprehensive service for you and your company by hiring our services relating to Spanish Company Law.

Do you already own a company in Spain? Feel free to contact our accountants in Marbella now for any accountancy and tax enquiry!

Do you need legal advice about a property in Spain?

Welex has a team of professionals, composed, among others, of lawyers and economists, experts in the purchase and sale of real estate, both in the legal and fiscal sides of the transaction. Clarify your doubts, do not wait to ask for advice. Contact our offices without any commitment, we will be willing to help you.


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