Welex relies on a professional team of English-speaking property lawyers and accountants, amongst others. All of them are experts in providing comprehensive consultancy services relating to the purchase and sales of real estate in Spain, not only from a legal point of view but also covering tax aspects.

GAIN SECURITY AND PEACE OF MIND using the conveyancing services of our law firm in marbella

Obtain a secure purchase or sale process by using the services of our property lawyers in Spain, and enjoy the support of professionals who guarantee you personalised and accurate advice, considering the specific circumstances of each transaction.


The conveyancing services of our law firm in Marbella provide you the perfect guidance in each and every stage of the purchase, including, for example:

  • Study of all documentation related to the property.
  • Advice in drawing up and signing the private contract.
  • Analyses of all payments related to the property to determine any possible debts and encumbrances.
  • Preparation of the public title deed to be signed before the notary public and assistance during the signing thereof at the notary.
  • Information about and payment of the taxes deriving from the purchase.
  • Registration at the corresponding land registry of the title deed.

Likewise, in case you sell your Spanish property, we provide you with meticulous information about all costs and taxes, and we attend you in their payment and in obtaining all the documentation necessary to adequately finalise the sale of your property. We conduct the following procedures, amongst others:

  • Payment of the tax on the increased value of the land, the so called Plusvalía.
  • Capital gains tax deriving from the sales of the property.
  • Income tax of non-residents.
  • Application of the certificate at the community of owners.
  • Application of the energy-efficiency certificate.

Purchase and sale of property in Spain


At Welex, from the very beginning of your approach to us, you receive a breakdown of costs and taxes applicable so you have all the information from the start and no unforeseen costs or setbacks will delay or impede the transaction.

Welex has a team of expert property lawyers at your disposal offering legal security, experience and impartiality to defend your interests. They are committed to demonstrating their efficiency and transparency.

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