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In our current economic environment, we are convinced that companies in Spain need to have trustworthy financial and accountancy information of their activity, both to promote their transparency and to acquire a global vision of the current and future situation of the company, in order to anticipate present and future needs and detect any incidence in the corporate equity.

Do you wish to purchase a company in Spain? Do you wish to lend funds to a company? In both cases it is convenient, in case you are dealing with trade companies that do not have any obligation to hire audit services, to rely on an expert independent accountant who reviews the financial statements and balances of a company in Spain.

In this sense, the review of the financial and accountancy statements of an unaudited small or medium company under the scope of a Report or Decision of Agreed Procedures makes it possible to have a more moderate review than an audit in Spain, but at a more reasonable cost.

Apart from the foregoing, our work to Spanish review the financial and accountancy statements may be extended or be more concrete, depending on the needs of the clients, exercising amongst others the following functions:

  1. Certifications, with or without interpretation of Spanish balances, registrations, accounts, financial statements, performance schedule and accountancy documentation of the company in Spain.
  2. Analysis, review and verification of profit and loss accounts and balances of the company in Spain.
  3. Intervention in the formation of inventories and balances that serve as base for the transfer or incorporation, transformation, merger, take-over, winding-up and liquidation of trade companies, and arbitration procedures in the cases of the second paragraph of article 20 of the Law of December 22nd, 1953 (R. 1734 and N. Dicc. 1462), or representation in accountancy matters as required by the negotiations.
  4. Issue technical-accountancy reports related to the Spanish company’s situation.
  5. Intervention in suspension of payments, bankruptcies and liquidation of assets, insofar the presence of an economic or administrative expert is needed, for the best clearing up of this kind of situations.
  6. Study and counselling in financial, commercial and accountancy problems.
  7. Valuation of companies in Spain and collaboration in the approach and counselling of economic-financial budgets.
  8. Corporate organization and administration.
  9. Application of behaviour models and simulation.
  10. Processing of data and treatment of corporate information.
  11. Study on structural alternatives of the company, their policies, plans and programs, including the debates on solutions in all areas for the correct decision taking.
  12. Improvement of methods and application of productivity incentives systems.
  13. Supervise the accountancy and administration and render counselling in accountancy and tax matters.
  14. Analysis of balances, capital accounts, cash flow situations and liquid assets.
  15. Accountancy operations necessary to regularization of balances, as well as the integration or consolidation thereof.
  16. Report regarding the economic, financial and administration aspects on capital increases, issuance of shares and public loans, drawing up amortization schedules, incorporation of reserves, and in general report of the corporate credit policy.
  17. Establish selection criteria for investments, with their respective models and application of techniques for the evaluation thereof.
  18. Analysis and planning of investing your financing.
  19. Financing resources, including setting out the criteria regarding risk and uncertainty. Management techniques and financial control.
  20. Commercial investigation and planning, including marketing techniques. Study or resolution of customs and transport problems related to the company.
  21. Risk and credit management of the Spanish company.
  22. Apply for statements or documents in addition to the main counselling function related to the activity carried out by the Economist that proceeds to file them to the official institutions.
  23. Valuation of prejudices in matters related to transports, incidents and damages in assets, expropriation and other similar actions, in which it is necessary to have accountancy administrative know-how.
  24. Execution of duties in which, for being of counselling nature or representing particular interests, the presence of experts in corporate administration and accountancy is required by law, in Institutions, Arbitration Meetings, Administrative Courts, Global Assessment Meetings, Meetings on Agreements, Commissions, etc.
  25. Technical assistance to companies and individuals and their relations with the Public Administration and Autonomous Institutions.
  26. Staff selection and integration, work methods and administrative rationalization.
  27. In general, the study, counselling, and detection of problems related to accountancy and administration of the company.
  28. The making of economic, financial or accountancy reports and documents related to the company that might have effects at any Institutions of the Central or Local or semi-official Administration and other territorial entities, as well as at Courts.
  29. Report on economic, financial, commercial, accountancy or administrative situation of companies.
  30. Programming and planning the economic, financial, accountancy and administrative aspects of companies, in case these companies carry out public services (capital budgets, disbursement plan, market studies, expansion plans, etc.).

Do you need any clarification or further information on tax, legal and accountancy issues? Do not hesitate to contact our firm in Marbella! Our English speaking accountants are happy to provide you additional information on this specific service of Reviewing Spanish financial accountancy statements.

Obtain more information as our firm in Spain has a specific website about accountancy and tax.


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