At Welex, we provide you advice on how to draw up and execute your will before a Spanish notary so the will is executed per law and fulfils all formal requirements applicable.

Our advisors provide you the following services:

  • Execution of the will before the notary public, set up in two languages, with the attendance of a professional translator at the moment of signing before the notary.
  • Recompilation of all documents necessary for the execution of the deed, such as death certificate, will, NIE number, certificate from the General Registry of Last Wills in Spain, certificate for the holder of the bank account in Spain and other rights and assets in Spain.
  • Attendance at the notary’s office for the execution of the Deed of Determination of the heirs, and in its case, the deed of Acceptance and Vesting of Estate (Grant of Probate).
  • Filing and payment of the inheritance tax in Spain.
  • Registering your inheritance title deed at the corresponding Registry.

Wills and the inheritance procedure in Spain

YOUR concerns  OUR concerns.

Testamentos y herencias en España

Avoid worries and unease. At Welex, we reassure you that you have all the necessary documentation to proceed with the acceptance of the inheritance Title Deed in Spain.

We guide you throughout the inheritance procedure in Spain, offering you personalised treatment to resolve your doubts and attend to your needs.

Leave the acceptance of your inheritance in Spain in our hands: our professionals are perfectly equipped to handle a clear and secure procedure.

Welex: committed to legal excellence in Spain.

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