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The regulatory basis for the granting of subsidies in Spain is a regime of non-competitive competition for companies to improve competitiveness and digital transformation (among others) about to be published.


Objective of these subsidies in Spain:

To promote the innovation and technological development of enterprises, the organisation of small- and medium-sized companies and their digital transformation.


Beneficiaries of subsidies in Spain:

  • Self-employed people, small- and medium-sized companies, medium-sized enterprises and large companies
  • Associations of companies and foundations that carry out economic activities on their own behalf


Type and amount of subsidies

Up to 50% of the investment with a maximum investment of €150,000.00 + VAT.


Type of projects

– Advanced services projects for the digital transformation of small- and medium-sized companies:

– Projects contracted by small- and medium-sized companies for the incorporation of information technologies and communications that contribute to improving their competitiveness and productivity.

These projects may include, where necessary, consultancy for the analysis, diagnosis and definition of a strategy for its implementation with the aim of informing the company about the best ICT solutions for the identified needs, as well as the best way to effectively implement them.


The following actions belong to this type of project:

1) E-commerce services: projects to develop and strengthen the capacity of companies to expand and boost their business through new channels of sales, adopting a commercial strategy to initiate or consolidate an online sales project through a virtual store. Consultancy services are financed in order to provide specialised and individualised advice in matters of electronic commerce (including operational, technical, logistical and legal aspects to guarantee the success of a virtual store), as well as the implementation of solutions and technological services of commerce.


2) Digital marketing services: projects to define and implement communication strategies, advertising and internet marketing. Personalised advice is included for small- and medium-sized companies on the definition of a digital marketing plan, as well as the ICT services and solutionsecessary for the implementation of the defined strategy.


3) Digitisation services of business processes: projects involving the incorporation of ICT solutions that affect the improvement of the different areas and processes of the company, such as organisation of the production, relations with suppliers or customers, environmental management, energy efficiency, logistics and distribution, resource management, human resources, accountancy, invoicing and other business management systems.


4) Digital trust services: projects aimed at carrying out actions for the improvement of the security and trust of the services in the digital field. Consultancy services are financed for the definition of the company’s digital security policy, the legal adaptation and regulatory framework, risk analysis and technical safety reviews, as well as the implementation of preventive and corrective measures and associated training.


The minimum budget of the projects to present in this category is €6,000.

The projects will receive a 50% subsidy on eligible costs


The maximum subsidy will be €75,000.

These projects will be considered as eligible costs: consultancy for the analysis of processes and the definition of strategies, implementation consultancy (adaptation of the tools for the needs of small- and medium-sized companies), and training of staff associated with the implementation, migration or loading of significant data to make it operational, at least on basic functionalities, as well as hardware and software licensing costs of the necessary tools or software solutions.


Applicant Requirements.

  1. Companies must meet the following requirements:
  2. a) Validly set up and registered in the corresponding registry, or in the case of individual entrepreneurs who provide the registration as entrepreneurs, professionals and retainers who fulfil the requirement of being self-employed.
  3. b) Have or will have an operational establishment in the autonomous community of Andalusia, regardless of where the registered office is located.
  4. c) Carry out an economic activity that has the economic and financial capacity sufficient to cope with the investment project


  1. Companies that are going to be set up and get registered in the corresponding business register, or in the case of a self-employed entrepreneur, registered in the census of entrepreneurs, professionals and retainers after the request for a subsidy and prior to the date of the resolution of the same.


Project Requirements:

  • Be considered viable from a technical, economic and financial point of view.
  • Be carried out in Andalusia.
  • Comply with the selection criteria for operations approved by the Follow-up Committee to the operational programme FEDER Andalusia 2014–2020 and the subsidisation of existing expenditure, if the subsidised project was co-financed by the aforementioned operational programme.
  • Ensure that the requested subsidy has an incentive effect, in accordance with the definition that is made in Annex V for such purposes.
  • Predict that the investments made by the project will be maintained in Andalusia, for at least five years from the date of the justification for the case of a large company or three years in the case of small- or medium sized company. In any case, in the case of acquisition, construction, refurbishment and improvement of assets that are subject to be registered in a public registry, the investments will be maintained for five years.


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