By Welex, your tax advisor in Marbella reports on the greater hardening of the highest income corresponding to savings in Spain (dividends, interests, capital gains) and the recovery of the wealth tax that becomes indefinite.


Savings in Spain

How will the taxable base of savings in Spain (dividends, interest and capital gains) be taxed from 2021?

Well, thanks to the General State Budgets that has been published in December 2020 and which is applicable as of 01.01.2021, an increase of 3% is established for savings income from 200,000.00 euros.

We refer to the income produced by interest, capital gains at the time of the sale of a property or dividends, leaving the tax scale as follows:


Scale of taxes on savings in Spain (from 2021)


Liquidable base

Up to euros

Full fee


savings rest

Up to euros

Applicable type


0 0 6.000 19
6.000,00 1.140 44.000 21
50.000,00 10.380 150.000 23
200.000,00 44.880 En adelante 26


Are you a tax resident in Spain and do you have a capital increase from the sale of a property in Spain?

Do you plan to receive dividends and are you a tax resident in Spain?

Do not hesitate to contact our tax advisers in Marbella to inform you about the taxation of different types of income and that they can assist you in correct tax planning in Spain.


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