5 things to do whilst on holidays in Malaga

Planning a holiday to Malaga? If the answer is yes, we recommend you continue reading our list of points of interest and important sites that you can not miss out in your long-awaited holiday.
I wish we could have permanent holidays and we could enjoy every day sightseeing, whether at the Costa del Sol or anywhere else in the world! But as we do not have, the days we have to enjoy, must be squeezed out to the maximum.
Ready? Because after our top list you will get the most out of your holiday in Malaga.


The beaches of Malaga

There are few cities so modern and cosmopolitan where we can have so much luck to have a wonderful beach as well, which makes them a unique place in the world. It is true that along the province of Malaga you can find many others, but we will talk about one that is situated right in the centre which is the well known beach of La Malagueta.
La malagueta is a must see place for all those who are going to tour the city. Why? Because it is spacious, beautiful and right in the center. It is surrounded by a wide range of leisure and entertainment, and surrounded by bars and even top restaurants where you can try out the typical dishes of this beach surrounded by Mediterranean sea waters.

La playa de la Malagueta es un lugares de interés en Málaga

Parador de Málaga Gibralfaro

We go from the most popular beach in Malaga to a place where time seems to stop, so you can enjoy the most spectacular views you will have over Malaga capital.
Imagine this: we climb up to the Mount Gibralfaro, surrounded by pine trees and in front of the imposing fortress of the Alcazaba, we stop and enjoy the views we have of the Bay and urban city from a unique and unequaled perspective.  This is what Picasso fell in love with in the first place. Can you imagine? Well, I must tell you, it’s a hundred times better to see it for yourself.
And since you’ve come up here, do not think that it was just to have a nice photograph to upload on Instagram, the area offers a wide gastronomic offer where tradition and modernity go hand in hand.

El tintero, a very peculiar snack bar

So much talking about gastronomy: we just ended up having more appetite, right? And since we are in Malaga we could go for a walk and take a snack at the most curious beach bar of the Costa del Sol, we are talking about El Tintero which is located on the beach El Dedo (the finger).  It is a very unique and peculiar place … Or do you know many restaurants in which the dishes are auctioned?
The situation is as follows: you sit down and they ask what you will drink. Until here all is normal. Well, if you want to eat something, pay attention to the waiters who are shouting the dishes they carry, although they will already have captured your attention as the dishes are certainly very peculiar.
As for the dishes that they are showing around and which you try to catch, we recommend that you do not miss a plate of roasted sardines and fried fish. ¡Olé que arte!

The park of Malaga

After eating so much, you will have to burn som calories or you will return rolling back from your holiday. A good plan to move a little and continue your tour in Malaga, is to take a walk around the Park of Malaga.
Located in the center of the capital, this park is the lung of the city. When you walk around, you can observe its flora, and your attention will be drawn to the many tropical and subtropical species that live in it, making it one of the most important natural parks in Europe.
It has many gardens where Renaissance and Baroque tradition are mixed. So don’t forget: enjoy this piece of nature.

The Atarazanas market

The last point of interest that we are going to recommend for your holidays in Malaga is a market. Let’s see, it sounds strange, but be warned, if we say that it is part of a historical building of neo-Arab style where elements of Nasrid and caliphs are mixed. And in addition you will be able to find both national and international products, things change, right?
At the Atarazanas market, you can find top quality products such as sausages, cheeses, pates, fish and a long etcetera. But it also has a tapas area so you can taste the quality that treasures the products sold there. It is just great!

So far, our list with 5 places of interest that you can not miss on your holiday in Malaga.

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