The Welex team comprises a group of professional lawyers, accountants (economists), and labour advisors, members of the corresponding professional organisations, assisted by qualified staff in each of their different fields.

With Welex, legal excellence is guaranteed


With Welex, legal excellence is guaranteed

At Welex, we guarantee you professional, personalised legal and tax services. Our members have more than 20 years of experience in their field that they wish to put at your disposal with a view toward attending to your matters swiftly and efficiently.

Our team of lawyers and accountants in Spain speak your own language. Our team is multilingual, providing advice in English, Spanish, Dutch or French.

Our advantages are:

  • Experience.
  • Excellence.
  • Commitment.
  • Teamwork.

Our professional legal and tax services render you:

  • Efficiency.
  • Security.
  • Speed.

Rafael Andrades

Transparency, motivation and seriousness

The team of lawyers and accountants in our law firm in Spain will guide you throughout your entire procedure, offering friendly, personalised service tailored to your individual needs, defending your interests at all times, and resolving all your doubts.

Our team is our most important resource. Since our beginnings, all professionals have been carefully selected to provide efficiency and seriousness.

Continuous training and constant study moves the team to the necessary motivation for the development of its functions.

"Welex", your experienced law firm. Count on the knowledge acquired by our professionals to achieve your purposes. Our experience will bring you efficiency, safety and speed in your transactions in Spain.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our lawyers, accountants and tax advisors at our law firm Welex.

We always provide excellent performance.