"Welex"  is made up of the union of several professionals in various sectors, such as  legal, labor, tax, accounting and business management consulting.
"Welex", legal excellence at your disposal.

In "Welex" we guarantee a professional and individualized treatment.
All our professionals have years of experience in their activity,
which they put at your service in order to respond quickly and effectively
to your business.

Welex legal excellence at your disposal


Your interests, ours.

Given the diversity of services we provide, such as advice on the sale of real estate, tax and accounting advice, wills, acceptances and adjudications of inheritance and advice on commercial and labor matters, your affairs will be attended by the assigned professional, with the Maximum speed and professionalism, always having a direct and clear communication with the person in charge of attending your matter.

We will be happy to welcome you in our Marbella offices. In "Welex" we offer our services in several languages: Spanish, English, Dutch and French.

It will be attended by a multidisciplinary team of professionals composed of lawyers, economists, accountants and social graduates, who are in constant training and have the necessary tools to solve their issues in an agile and expert way.

lawyers in Marbella

Our commitment: efficiency and clarity.

In "Welex" we are a group that has the objective of offering legal security to our clients, from experience, objectivity, seriousness and professionalism.  

Our purpose is to make our interests ours.

Transparency, motivation and seriousness.

We will accompany you throughout your procedure, offering you personal treatment, always with the intention of defending your interests, solving your doubts and attending to your needs.

Contact our offices without any commitment. We will be willing to help you and explain clearly and accurately the best solutions to your doubts or questions.