From Welex, lawyers and accountants in Marbella, we are proud to announce the incorporation of a new professional within our accountancy department.


Beatriz López, manchega (specific region in Spain) by birth, but based for more than thirty years in Marbella, is a Business and Tourism Activities Technician graduated from the University of Granada. After her time in this community and already in the city of Marbella, she continues to constantly expand her training in the field of accounting advice through numerous courses related to accountancy in Spain and finance.

The functions she currently performs at the accountancy in Spain department of this firm in Marbella are:accountancy in Spain

– Expert accountant

– Preparation of accounting entries.

– Preparation of tax returns.

– Tax filing.

– Preparation of balance sheets of sums and balances.

– Preparation of balance sheets.

– Income tax for non residents in Spain.

– Preparation of quarterly Spanish VAT declarations, withholdings and social security forms in Spain.

How was your landing at the accountancy in Spain department at Welex?

”At this leading accountancy firm in Marbella I’m delighted. First of all, because I love the work I’m doing here and then because I’m surrounded by a very hard working, intelligent and funny team.

One thing I see constantly since the day of my arrival is that at Welex we work as a team, and all the professionals who surrounds me are in addition helping me out with any query I have. I was in addition surprised that here at Welex there are not only accountants and lawyers but there is even a marketing department run by a graduated in Audiovisual Communication who is in addition specialized in Graphic Design.

On a personal level I would like to highlight the warm welcome I have received from the whole team. I feel integrated from day one.”

From Welex, your law and accountancy firm at the Costa del Sol, we wish to give Beatriz the greatest of the welcomes and we wish her a long journey in our accountancy in Spain team.