Our law firm and team of accountants in Marbella are excited to discuss auctions in Spain this time. We will explain everything you need to know about judicial auctions in Spain.

Auctions in Spain

Auctions in Spain

When was the start of the online auction system in Spain?

In 2015, the online auction system in Spain was created under Law 19/2015, Maintain transparency of the auction procedure for both real estate and personal property.

2) Obtain a higher price for the sale of the goods.


Advantages of the auction system in Spain

The online system creates an advantage for the purchaser: once registered, the system of making a deposit to participate in a specific auction is the same for all users.


Auctions in Spain have two other advantages:

  • You no longer have to travel to court in Spain to make a bid.
  • You can receive alerts about auctions of goods you might be interested in.


What kind of assets can the auctions include in Spain?

The auctions in Spain can include different types of assets:

  • Real state: single-family homes, apartments, commercial premises, garages, plots, etc.
  • Movable property: machinery, tools, furniture, etc.
  • Vehicles: cars, motorcycles.


How to participate in judicial auctions in Spain

To participate as a bidder in an auction in Spain, and to have access to information about auctions in which you can participate, you must first register at the Electronic Auction Portal. Registering also allows you to subscribe to auction entry notice services and manage your contact details.


You do not have to register to access public information about legal auctions in Spain.


How to register at the Electronic Auctions Portal in Spain

There are three ways to register at the Electronic Auctions Portal in Spain:


Our law firm and team of accountants in Marbella will assist you in the registration process, enable you to participate in judicial auctions, and advise you on the entire purchase process.