woning kopen in Spanje


Spanish legislation protects consumers who purchase real estate in Spain by requiring the developer to provide certain information. This matter is regulated by Royal Decree 515/1989 of April 21, which includes information and documentation that must be provided to the user in the acquisition of a home.


In any case, the characteristics provided to the buyer, such as information about its construction, location, services and purchase payment method are mandatory.


The seller must provide the following information to the buyer:


– Full name of the seller, their registered address and, if applicable, registration data from the Mercantile Registry.


– Location plan and plan of the dwelling’s facilities (including electricity, water, heating).


– Concretion of useful surface, general description of building where apartment is located and its common areas.


– Detail of the materials used for construction.


– Instructions on the use and conservation of facilities and evacuation of the property in case of emergency.


– Registration details if the house in Spain is registered at the Land Registry.


– Specification of the total price and payment method.


– Details of all taxes that relating to the purchase.


– Information regarding the date of delivery and, in the case that the property in Spain is under construction, indicating the phase or stage of the building.


The seller must have at the following documentation for the buyer:


  1. Building licence or first-occupancy licence, depending on the circumstances of the construction.


  1. Statutes or bylaws of the Community of Owners in Spain and the extract of accounts and obligations of the dwelling for sale.


  1. Draft purchase-sale contract, including the conditions of the transaction.


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