The Tax Office has not yet made the corresponding tax refund? Our law firm and team of economists in Marbella has the pleasure to inform you some information that was presented in a press release issued by the Minister of Finances and Public Administrations.

The Tax Office states on their website that it has returned by the date July 29th the sum of 7.887 million euros to 12.157.000 taxpayers.

tax office belastingadviseurs marbella

83% of the refunds and 72% of the requested sums corresponding to the Income Tax for Natural Persons of the year 2015 has been paid already.

More than 19.469.000 tax returns had been filed, 1% more than last year.

In which way most tax returns were filed? Most of them were filed online, more than 15.870.000 tax returns, 81.5% of the total.

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