Legal advise at the time of the purchase of your home in Spain


At Welex, your property law firm in Spain you will find quality service and individual attention in the process of buying your home in Spain.




For your peace of mind, with us you will find a quick answer to your questions and we will keep you informed at all times about the purchase of your home.




We know that buying a home in Spain is a very important issue in your life, so you should count on the help of a professional team to protect your rights and defend your interests for a successful purchase.conveyancing lawyers in Spain


Do not leave anything to chance, let us assist you in the purchase of your property in Spain.


Our professionals, lawyers and accountants have the necessary knowledge and experience to advise you on the purchase of your home in Spain, and thus offer you protection and guarantee.


At Welex, conveyancing lawyers in Spain we solve your doubts:










Legal advise at the time of the sale of a home in Spain

In this section of the web you will obtain the answers of may queries relating the sale of your home our law firm in Spain did answer during the years. As a summary:


What documentation do you need to sell your property in Spain?

The private contract for the sale of your property in Spain

Costs and taxes on the sale of a property in Spain. Taxation of non-residents.

Plusvalía tax in Spain


Thoughts about buying a property in Spain


The process of buying a property in Spain

Buying in Spain with firm steps

And what if there’s an extraordinary expense from the community?

What if it’s a piece of land that’s being bought?

What if the person wants to buy their home with a mortgage in Spain?

Knowing the Tax liabilities in Spain


Welex relies on a professional team of multilingual property lawyers and accountants, amongst others. All of them are experts in providing comprehensive consultancy services relating to the purchase and sales of real estate in Spain, not only from a legal point of view but also covering tax aspects.


Do not hesitate to contact one of our multilingual property lawyers in Spain now!


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Tips about property conveyancing in Spain

The first step in property conveyancing in Spain is finding a Property.
It is imperative to get to know the area before you choose a property. You should visit a number of different locations in order to make an educated decision. Additional research into similar properties in various areas will give you different perspectives of what you can anticipate in terms of price.


What to check when conveyancing in Spain

Conveyancing in Spain holds some differences when compared to conveyancing all over the world.
These differences include that the drawing up of the initial deed and the witnessing of the signatures can only be accomplished by a public notary.

A notary represents the government by fortifying that state taxes are paid on the completion of a sale.


Conveyancing Process in Spain: 5 Stages

Conveyancing services in Spain involves legally transferring home ownership from the seller to the buyer.
The conveyancing process in Spain begins when your offer on a house is accepted and finishes when you receive the keys. Moreover, the conveyancing process inSpain comprises of all the legal stages and processes when buying property in Spain.


Use the services of a good lawyer to buy a property in Spain?

It is a doubt that anyone can have when taking the step to acquire a property in Spain.

Using a lawyer in Spain = Guarantees the investment in Spain

The economic investment involved in buying a property leads us to the obligation to do so with the maximum possible guarantees. Even more, if the purchaser is a foreign person, not a resident in Spain.


The First Occupancy License to the Personal Statement of Compliance

Spanish Decree-Law 2/2020 of March 9, on the improvement and simplification of regulations for the promotion of productive activity in Andalusia, has introduced a series of measures for Andalusia that aim to reduce administrative procedures in certain economic and productive sectors, in order to speed up access to productive activity for entrepreneurs and business people, simplifying procedures and reducing unjustified or disproportionate administrative requirements.


Buying a property in Spain as a non-resident

Welex knows that there might be several reasons why a non-resident wishes to acquire a property in Spain—perhaps for work-related reasons or simply as a second holiday residence.

As we’ve discussed in other posts, in which we indicated our main advice about taxes for real estate in Spain, acquiring a property is not an easy process.


Plusvalía Tax in Spain: all you need to know | WELEX

It is curious that among the posts on our blog, our professional lawyers specialized in Real Estate Law in Spain have never analyzed on any occasion, or just did it superficially, the municipal Plusvalia tax in Spain.

So in this blog we are going to give a few insights to the pompous “Tax on the increase in the value of the land of an urban nature”, or better known in Spain as the ”plusvalia tax”.


Private purchase contract for properties under construction: Taxes | WELEX

From Welex, your law firm in Marbella specialized in purchase and sale of properties in Spain, we set out below a practical assumption in which we collect the details that derive from the taxation of the transfer to a third party of a private purchase contract for properties under construction.