The municipality of Ojén is located at only 8 kilometers from the heart of the Costa del Sol. A small village that serves as an entrance to the Sierra de las Nieves and is famous for its herb brandy. Ojén still retains the charm of an Andalusian village with its narrow streets and white houses. A town, which, moreover, has been able to adapt to the needs of modern tourists who visit this beautiful town.

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The town has a tourist office where you can consult all tourist and cultural offer. From cultural and ethnographic guided tours, such as workshops of how to make natural soap, oil tastings, typical Andalusian breakfast or esparto work. A tour through its streets, emblematic monuments that offer the tourist different possibilities of tasting the traditional gastronomy like the Bolo de Hinojos (peas stew), the chestnut stew or the salmorejo (cold tomato soup).

The village has several essential places to visit: the Mill Museum, the Caves, the Church Iglesia de la Encarnación of the eighteenth century and la fuente de los Chorros.

In addition, Ojén offers several socio-cultural events such as the Indie Music Festival, which is held the first weekend of July; the Castillo del Cante Festival, one of the oldest in the province and the fair in honor of San Dionisio, a celebration of local festivals centered around the town square.

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As for its rural tourism offer, Ojén is located in a natural environment of the Biosphere Reserve of the natural park. You can go hiking and visit places such as the Plains of Puzla (Llanos de Puzla), the Refugio of Juanar. Landscapes of great beauty and great variety of flora and fauna, where you can see cork oaks, pines or firs, in addition to its fauna such as the Hispanic goat, deer, mouflon or owls.

Without doubt a Mediterranean village full of charm and corners to visit.


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