Lovers of sport in general and bicycle lovers in particular, if you are reading our posts, we have prepared a special top post for you. Today we are going to talk about some of the best bicycle routes in Marbella. As you know, Marbella is one of the best places of interest at the Costa del Sol.

Both if you live there, or if you are going to spend your holidays at Marbella, we remind you that not everything is sun and beach, you can also enjoy numerous other outdoors activities such as the mountain bike routes we will talk about today.

Ready? Let’s start to ride, there we go!

Bicycle routes from Marbella to Estepona

Let’s start with a slightly light bicycle route of some 30 km, easy and perfect to start heating up. The starting point takes places at Marbella and we will go all along the coast to get to our final destination which is Estepona.

This is a route specifically indicated for those who are not professional bicycle riders, or for those who are not used to bicycling very often as this is a relatively flat and easy accessible route.

It is also ideal for tourists, as you can enjoy some places of interest to get to know both cities. As you know, walking is not the only way to get to know a town, why not go by bike once.

Foto: Bicycle route from Marbella to Estepona

What places of interest not to miss out on your bicycle routes from Marbella?

Starting your route in Marbella, you can start the route at the beach promenade of the city, which is perfectly adequate for bicycles, and you will enjoy some incredible views of the beach, you will go over the bridge of Río Verde and you will see the river mouth go into the sea, a good moment to stop and take some nice pictures.

You will also pass through Puerto Banús, where you will surely decide to make a halt and see the port close by.

After this first break, we will go a little faster, otherwise you will only get there the day after tomorrow. The next stop will be at Guadalmina Baja, in the street number 4, as there is a green area to get some rest and recover strength. But don’t forget, this is only a break, under the shadow of the trees. Now get back onto that bike and keep going.

You will soon get to the area of El cortijo de las cortes, which has a small hill. If you have enough energy, just keep going, otherwise, make a small break, take some breath and go up the hill.

That’s it, you have achieved the hardest bit and it wasn’t that bad. You are now in front of the aqueduct and you will see: it was worth the while.

Keep going a bit more, and you will get to the beach promenade of the town called Estepona. Finished! Take a rest at one of the beach bars and have a drink, get back onto your feet and get ready for the ride back. Of course, you can always opt to go back to Marbella by bus.

Foto: Bicycle routes of Marbella and Estepona

Mountain bike route from Marbella to the Cave Cueva Santa

Our next bicycle route goes from Marbella and is focused a little bit more to assiduous mountain bike riders, and lovers of outdoors activities.

If you fit into those, and you think you are ready for it, you can get ready for the impressive 50 km route to get to the Cave Cueva Santa.

As we told you at the beginning, the hardest aspect of this route is not the accessibility of the route, but the hills we need to go up during the journey. But … it is worth the effort. It is a route land inwards where you will fully enjoy nature and amazing views.

Note down two moments which require some more physical effort: the hill upwards from the fuente Santa to the port of Carreros. And secondly, the final hill upwards to our destination which is Cueva Santa.

Foto: Bicycle routes from Marbella to Cueva Santa

What to see along the mountain bike route from Marbella to Cueva Santa?

If you are still reading this post, this route has certainly caught your attention and curiosity and lifted the sports spirit you got inside.

This is a marvellous bicycle route with its starting point in Marbella which passes through some very nice places such as the “fishers’ road” which will help you to connect again with nature and breathe some fresh air.

Let’s not forget about that at la Fuente Santa, we can enjoy a moment to get some fresh drink, or Puente Téjar where you can stop and enjoy some stunning views of the immense mountain range.

Ojén and the Istán road offer us marvellous views until we reach Cueva Santa, where we can get our well-deserved rest until we start to go down again, which is much less challenging.

Foto: Mountain bike route from Marbella to Cueva Santa

There’s only one thing left to do: get that bike and organize some days to go and try out these two bicycle routes from Marbella we have suggested you.

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