Ruth Rivas, new addition to our accounting team in Spain


At Welex, lawyers and accountants in Marbella, we are celebrating a new addition to our accounting department in Spain. 

Ruth Rivas Marín, born in Madrid, has returned to the land of her roots; Malaga, after a personal and professional career in London and Barcelona. Ruth is a Finance and Administration Technician. As a result of her excellent professional background and experience, she is now part of the talented team of Welex Lawyers and Accountants in Spain.

Passionate about outdoor activities, traveling and photography; in the professional field, Ruth is committed to continuous training as the key element for professional development and knowledge improvement. In her opinion, this is the best way to support and contribute to the team. 

BLOG Ruth Rivas contable España


How has your reception in the Welex accounting department been?

“From the first day I felt part of this family; Welex has a team composed of great professionals in the accounting and legal fields. The Spanish accounting experts of the department are very helpful in any situation, and they are also very funny!’’



The functions currently performed by this administrative and accountant in Spain are the following:

  • Communication with suppliers to obtain client invoices.
  • Emission and numeration of issued invoices.
  • Submission to AEAT for IRNR tax and sending the documentation to the client.
  • Renewal of digital signatures and updating of signature database.
  • Communication with Patronato and Town Hall to obtain IBI’s and IRNR.
  • Documentation archiving


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Congratulations Ruth, and thank you for your great work!