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Steps in order to proof your status of non-resident in Spain

Before starting this blog the accountants and tax advisors of our law firm in Marbella will explain you easily and comprehensively the correct way how to proof you are non-resident in Spain, we must ask you a question.

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Let’s set the example that you wish to change your country of residence right now, then we must first ask you the following question: have you resided in Spain 183 days during the tax period in which you wish to apply for said change? The answer is important because if you respond positively, you will be considered as resident in Spain, and thus during that tax period you will have to continue declaring your tax obligations in Spain.

Nevertheless, we recommend you to contact us, just in case, and we will study your case into detail and offer you the best solution in accordance with your interests.

Should the case explained above not correspond to you, then we will now set out the requirements and specifications below.

The case might be that you have been resident in Spain, but for whatever reason you wish to change your country of residence. Then for sure the next question will be: What must I do now? The answer is easy: it is necessary to present a certificate issued by the new country where you will have the residency, your new country of residence.

And how can I go through all these formalities? Let’s see the steps you have to go through to get this certificate.

  • Firstly, get registered as resident at the Town Hall of the city where you have set your new residency. It is possible that in some countries of the European Union, you must notify this at the Tax Office. In this case you must take the certificate you were given at the Town Hall upon registering as resident to said Tax Office.
  • After this first step, the next thing to do is to unregister at the Spanish Town Hall.
  • It is also important that you file the following documents at the Spanish Tax Office: censal declaration, certificate issued by the Tax Office of your new country of residence (with apostille) as well as its translation.).
  • At the police station of your area in Spain, you must return the original certificate of residency. Now, your Spanish residency is cancelled.
  • Finally, you should not forget to notify the bank your new fiscal address.

In short, these are the steps you must follow in case you wish to accredit your condition of non-resident in Spain.

Evidently, on paper this seems all nice and easy to do, but you can always rely on the help of professionals in the sector to do all this procedure in order to avoid headaches and unnecessary journeys up and down to different entities. In this way, you can relax and forget about so much paperwork. Welex will be delighted to help you and make your life so much easier. Do not hesitate to contact us now. 

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