Marbella propertiesToon Roijers from Heart 4 Homes is professionally involved with the Costa del Sol Real Estate Market. In the Netherlands, Toon worked for years as a solicitor and certified FRICS realtor-appraiser in the Property Market.
Toon is happy to share his knowledge of the Spanish Real Estate Market with Welex.


In Spain the property prices increased in 2016 by an average of 4.7%. This is still 10% below the sales prices achieved in 2007, right before the crisis hit. In 2016, 437,000 homes were sold in Spain, of which 58,000 were purchased by foreigners. Spanish buyers made up 86.8% of the total and foreigners the remaining 13.2%. The foreign buyers were divided into 17% British, 9% German, 8.5% French, 6% Swedish, Belgian, Italian, 4% Chinese and 3% Dutch. The influence of Brexit is already reflected in these percentages. The amount of British buyers has decreased in one year from 24% to 17%.

Tourism and the property market around Marbella

Toon sees a clear connection between tourism and the property market in Spain. In 2016 over 75 million tourists visited Spain. This is an increase of 10% over the previous year. An increase that is partly due to disturbances in other holiday destinations such as Turkey and Tunisia. According to Toon, a higher volume of tourists precedes an increase in the property sales.


In 2016, a total of 6,275 homes were sold in the Benahavis, Estepona and Marbella triangle (respectively 625, 2,100 and 4,000). Approximately 200,000 homes are estimated to be on sale along the whole of the Costa del Sol. Last year in the province of Málaga 9,336 properties were sold to foreigners. Add a few percentages of Spanish owners and the result is that less than 10% of all properties get sold. Based on these statistics, selling a property at the Costa del Sol is quite a challenge. Especially now that people are mainly looking for newly built homes or renovated properties at top locations.

Higher range

Due to the increase in the amount of tourists and the good occupation rate of the most expensive hotels at the Costa del Sol, Toon is expecting that more homes are to be sold in the 4 million plus euro-range. In previous years about 70 to 100 homes in that range were sold. Last year there were far fewer sales, with only 25 to 30 homes sold. The demand for homes for up to a million euros is still the biggest. Even so, the experts still consider it to be a healthy, stable market with a steady increase in prices.

About Heart 4 Homes

Toon has the gift to perceive the energy of people and objects. He almost possesses a sixth sense. Little by little he has become more in touch with ‘the spiritual’, something he refers to as ‘a non-touchable reality’. Through study and experience, Toon has reinforced his abilities, so he can apply them to his job as well. With Heart 4 Homes, Toon helps buyers find a home that not only fulfils their practical requirements, but also suits them best energetically. (
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